Demon Hunter for 1st class

Demon Hunter
This is a post to know who is going to make a demon hunter for main char and why??

Me because i loved the amazon and the assasin in diablo2 and the demon hunter looks like a mix of them so thats why i'll try it first. :)
Yah the reveal video was fu***ing great and she looks so fun to play!!
I love the animations of the traps and always been a fan of explosions/fire
I am trying to decide between Wizard and Demon Hunter. I am definitely a fan of ranged classes, and my favorite class in D2 was Amazon so I am leaning Demon Hunter, but the Disintegrate Beam of the Wizard has me thinking that might actually be the right way to go for me....

Someone convince me to go DH!
This or Monk for me.
08/23/2011 10:24 PMPosted by GGTeMpLaR
This or Monk for me.

I believe I'll be playing both. A DH solo, and a Monk when gaming with my co-op best bud. Me and him always tear into new games together. He's leaning towards WD, so I feel a Monk would be a great second half, not to mention the visceral melee release I need in games like this, no matter how addicted I am to the ol' Archer types.
I've always loved and started with ranged class in any action rpg games. Also I think it will be a good class for pvp. Laying trap around, slowing enemy down, shooting from distance while hiding behind obstacle XD
for sure starting with demon hunter, reminds me so much of my KickTrapBow assassin from d2
Playing inferno mode and you're in a situation where if you go around the corner a bunch of ranged mobs will beat the crap out of you and possibly kill you *hardcore mode*. Now as a demon hunter I can determine how hard to throw my grenades and I can bounce them off the walls kind of like playing putt putt golf. Thinking about that makes me want to play a demon hunter + much more I guess lol. Demon hunter just has cool utility.
I can't really tell what I wanna play first, I'm deff gunna go through all the classes. But I really like this one and the witch doctor. For some reason, my gut says go with the demon hunter, since it has two resources and all other classes do not. I have a feeling the demon hunter will be a VERY strong class cause of this. I think the least 'wanted' class to play is Wizard for me. I honestly don't think Blizzard is really doing anything special with it. It seems like the regular Wizard to me if anything, but I guess I won't know till I actually play it. I think the witch doctor skill(I think its is) that has them zombie on top of each other on their shoulders(about 3 zombies) the skill was in the last video Blizzard showed off. When I saw that I was like HOLY !@#$ lol, it looked soo cool, and deff something I've never seen in a game yet. Very excited for Diablo 3, been waiting for this game for a very long time. Plus, for some reason the "dungeon crawler/Action RPG" genre is pretty dry, we haven't had a good game come out for a REALLY long time. Last one that did was Sacred 2 and the online got all messed up towards the end of the release of the game. The company went outta business, it didn't work right on the ps3 or xbox 360. Dungeon Siege 3 was a mess online AND offline! :( (I was a HUGE Dungeon Siege 1 player, that was the game that got me into this genre.)

So, as you can see, I dearly want a action rpg to come out, for a VERY long time. I did actually play torchlight 1 for a really long time, but single player games only can last soo long.

I believe I'll be playing both.

Well I believe at some point we will be playing all 5 of them considering we will basically only get one slot per class. Not to mention that they can be customized on the fly.

As for why I am most anxious for the Demon Hunter? I have always been a fan of the dual firearm. Sure, reloading seems absolutely impractical, but something about it's always appealed to me. Not to mention I can't help but get Witch Hunter vibes from this class. RIP WAR.
Archer class first always!
I'm going to roll a Demon Hunter first because I love classes that encourage me to use shift-attack and positioning. I'm still playing a VHHC Vanquisher on Torchlight, and it's very enjoyable.
I plan to take this as my first class just because it looks the most bad !@#. Not to mention I am interested in seeing how the two resources will end up working.
08/24/2011 01:18 AMPosted by Progz
my gut says go with the demon hunter, since it has two resources and all other classes do not. I have a feeling the demon hunter will be a VERY strong class cause of this.

From my perspective, being an old school D1/D2 player, anytime a person was starting fresh it was usually advisable to become a caster or skill-based character. At the outset, you're stuck with generic items and this causes a serious hindrance at higher levels in terms of damage output. An orb/firewall sorc would be able to solo Hell Meph even with the most basic of items (partly in due to the mobility of teleport)

For this reason, I'm prone to try DH or WIZ
My new ZonAssin hybrid will indeed be my first toon :)
So far I am looking forward to rolling my main as a DH.

Actually started and Assassin last night on East to level up while I wait.

I'm not sure if DH is the class for me without playing but theoretically I'm looking forward to it being my first. Though I hope I can get into beta for at least long enough to play each class and make a better informed choice, but we will see =P
I'll be creating a Demon Hunter as my first char as things stand now. Obviously this could change.

My reason is because I liked what I've seen in the videos.
I'll be playing demon hunter first, and my partner will be playing a wizard. I think those two classes should play well together! I think DH will be a bit more strategic, like a bowazon or any flavour of assassin. The dungeons should be murky enough for ambushing and fading away to set up another ambush. It's going to be awesome!

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