Demon Hunter for 1st class

Demon Hunter
Almost certainly. My Amazon was my favorite D2 character, and my Huntard is still a favorite in WoW. That said, the Wizard and Monk also look immensely cool.
DnD - Rangers and the like 10+ years ago (Just liked bow users)
D1 - Rogue (played all three of course. Rogue was first and played multiple times)
D2 - Bowazon (loved the ranged CC and decent dmg, very appealing and enjoyable to play)
WoW - Hunter 6+ years ago (Wanted a bow user, am now a bit turned off by them, because of WoW's horrid design, and re-designs, and clunkin play style, and armor designs too, and pets being important and nice but die all the gd time even though we need them.)

D3 - DH Two biggest concerns about this bow user. In WoW, Enemy on hunter = no dmg. And CC's need to be easy to apply, not like how trapping is WoW.

I'm a complete noob to diablo so I have experience with the first 2 but I'm standing between demon hunter and barbarian for who will be the main, won't know for sure till I experience them in action, but I got a good feeling with demon hunters
I'm a hunter in Real life, Hunter in WoW, and I want to be Hunter in D3. I love the style of hunter type classes in mmo's :)
This will probably be the FotM class when D3 hits im not gonna lie. It seems like their dmg and control is too much for the other classes to handle im pvp.
I liked the zon and the assassin in d2. This seems like a hybrid of them both, so Ill prolly try this first. Probably go Barb and WD next. Wiz will definately be the last one i make unless I really dont like the others.
I'm leaning towards Demon Hunter/Wizard. But I'm hoping to get into beta so I can try them all, maybe my mind will change.
Demon hunter just look awesome, my first choice for sure.
Chains 'n' blades 'n' traps oh my! Demon Hunters be mean, hence I be choosin' 'em.
I love ranged classes and my bowazon and javazon were my favorites. However, i don't think ill ever play hardcore again. when my 78 bowazon died because of some guided arrow townportal hostile pker, i was depressed for a week. i think i actually cried under my desk. just normal mode pls :)
I love the dual resource idea and can't wait to try it out.
My pre beta thought is that I will be playing a Demon Hunter for multiple reasons.
1. I like to hang back and stay at a safe range for maximum survivability.
2. Do not have to worry about getting up next to a named mob for loot drop when playing with other people.
3. No ammo resource management (arrows/bolts) required in D3 so no running out of ammo.
4. In my co-op group we have a Wizard, Witch Doctor, and Barbarian so for better item sharing possibility a different class is ideal and the Monk is the last class i will probably make (does not seem to fit my play style).
Of course this is all subject to change when the beta comes out and I try all the classes.
I like Sasori's take on this, it's really a pre-beta look. After all the videos start flooding out from beta or if my dice land nicely and I find myself with a beta key and get to try it I may or may not change my outlook. However for now Demon Hunter holds my interest above all the other classes, ranged has always been a favorite of mine but more than that the way they've crafted the demon hunter was just perfect.

1- Their story is amazing, it's not like a sect of people just going about hunting them down it's a family of survivors taking vengeance.

2- The Discipline and Hate combinations sound by far the most fun to use out of all the new mana replacements, juggling a quicker hate bar and a survivability and trapping bar is badass.

3- I've played a lot of ranged characters in my life and it's a must to have a "GTFO" button, that roll/dodge/whatever is perfect for quickly getting out, or in to trouble.

4- None of my friends seem to like them for some reason so all the better for me in my future team compositions.
animation,dodge moves+hoods!
I think I already posted in the other "why DH first" thread but I have more reasons

First, the dual resources, just adds so much more depth to the game, more strategy, set traps, trigger hordes to attack, wait... and BOOM, attack!

also, if you run out of resources you still fire arrows from afar that still do a good deal of physical damage, but w/ the WD and Wizard (my 2nd and 3rd playthroughs) if you run out of mana/arcane you must flee to let it regenerate, or get in close to do physical damage

Second, Demon Hunter FTW :P str8 to Inferno
This is a post to know who is going to make a demon hunter for main char and why??

Me because i loved the amazon and the assasin in diablo2 and the demon hunter looks like a mix of them so thats why i'll try it first. :)

Me for the same reasons!
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Playing inferno mode and you're in a situation where if you go around the corner a bunch of ranged mobs will beat the crap out of you and possibly kill you *hardcore mode*. Now as a demon hunter I can determine how hard to throw my grenades and I can bounce them off the walls kind of like playing putt putt golf. Thinking about that makes me want to play a demon hunter + much more I guess lol. Demon hunter just has cool utility.

When pro starcraft 2 players post in diablo3 forums. Bow down newbies.

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