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Will there be immunes in inferno and hell difficulties, like in D2? For example, will there be arcane, fire, physical, etc. immune monsters?
Would sure ramp up the difficulty and chance of encountering monsters that require a bit more strategy than *click click click click*
I believe Jay Wilson mentioned something about there being NO immunities in D3 at all but that was a while back and before they announced Inferno so... idk! lol
No, they are not going to use immunities. They are going to use resistances.
I'm pretty sure Aeternys is right, current information (which is still quite old) says no immunities, but there will be very strong resistances in some cases. I suspect the expectation is you will vary your skill choices, and should you come across a multiresist you cannot handle with your current skills, it will simply be an uphill battle.
I wouldn't mind resistances, but immunities just made it a pain. Thanks for the info :)

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