If you had to kill or save Tyreal

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I'd buy him a cheeseburger.
08/26/2011 06:46 PMPosted by AUGHUST
- Demons probably are evil because they have had a bad upbringing and just need to be better educated to learn how to love and respect each other.

Lol, have you ever played Disgaea, because that's pretty much the message right there.

There is no absolute good or evil, the angels only assume that the demons are evil.
Its about loot, Diablo has always been about loot. We all played D2 and killed bosses millions of times for...LOOT.
When I think D1 I remember thats what got me started with blizzard. It came free with my Sony Vaio.
When I think D2 I think Loot.
When I think D3 I think Loot and better graphics.

So like many others have stated. Whichever gave the best loot wins. More loot doesn't mean better to those that said that with their low lvl warlock. HAHA

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