Diablo 3 is NOT WoW!! RAWR

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there will be no gnomes
there will be no death knights
there will be no Arthas
there will be no gnome death knights named Arthas
there will be no flight paths
there will be no murlocs
there will be no Indiana Jones references
there will be unicorns
there will be no zerglings
there will be no guilds (actually there probably will be)

UGH! It just makes me so mad when people who play WoW think they have the right to play Blizzard's other games too... RAGEEEEEEE!!!

Anyway please feel free to continue my list.

You know...considering the huge stink made by people comparing Diablo 3 to WoW...

I wouldn't be one bit surprised if the secret level, this time around was not the Cow Level, but rather, the WoW level!

Lots of gnomes, Harrison Jones everywhere, and Arthas is hiding somewhere in the level.

This would be hilarious, but somehow I hope I'm wrong.
there will be no fetish shamans
there will be no Rakanishu
there will be no phys/lightning/fire immune quill rats
there will be...

Wait... !@#$.

Wrong thread.
I wanna level a demon hunter and port it over to wow thanx in advance ...... LOL

08/26/2011 10:35 PMPosted by Revamp
I wanna level a demon hunter and port it over to wow thanx in advance ...... LOL

Lol whatever have fun being lvl 60 noob lol. You can't even go to Northrend lool.

Shoot wow was just peachy up untill BC WOTLK and CATA. Vanilla was the way to go! hence my lvl :P
Vanilla WoW was fantastic, I have to agree. I actually logged into WoW for the first time in over two years to setup my account here. I was pretty shocked at how dated it is now looking, but what do you expect seven years after release. I guess I had imagined it to look better based on fond memories.

WoW is no more, Diablo 3 shall reign supreme.

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There won't be crafting.
There won't be an auction house.
Gear won't have tiers based on difficulty.
The max level is not gonna be the same as the max level of the initial release of WoW.
When a boss dies, the players getting the loot won't be randomized.
Tiers of loot won't have that evolutionary look when you are tiering up.
The "Endgame" content won't be slightly higher level than the max level achieveable.

Oh wait, that was my "Diablo 2 is NOT WoW" list. Diablo 3 has those things, and most of them are welcomed changes.
welcome changes**

You can't even edit something you took 20 seconds to reread after it were posted here.
I really hope the only thing that they bring over from wow is the guild system. Almost everything else in that game (mods, dailies, etc.) has no place in Diablo.
There will be no dungeon queue times.
I hope these threads end soon :/ a tad bit dumb

And me posting this helps stop it, huh?

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