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Will cast rate affect the Wizard spell disintegrate? Will it do damage quicker or does its tick rate not change? Will attack speed increase the Monks attack amount or rate with Seven-sided Strike? Does the Barbarian's Whirlwind attack rate increase with attack speed and/or weapon speed?
No, cast rate will not affect the Wizard's disintegrate spell. In other words, there will be a cool down, however, the way the beam moves does not have to do with your cast rate.
If I recall from the Blizzcon last year Disintegrate did not have a cooldown. I am talking about its damage per second. If by default it ticks for (x amount 5 times a second) will gaining 20% increased cast rate through passives/runes/gear move it to (x amount 6 times per second). I ask because end game gear may have enough Increases in attack or casting rate to make spells such as this obsolete to spells that are increased.
It wouldn't make much sense to me if cast speed didn't effect it.

For Vadof: If it's anything like Diablo 2 the gear system will be complicated enough that there will be many different stats you can focus on.

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