What exactly is holding up the beta/capacity?

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So if a beta build was available a month ago for Blizz HQ Press Event, why is the closed beta still not ready? Is there something in particular that is holding it up?

Also, if the number of beta testers is going to be so small, why is it taking so much time to release it?

Lastly, how is Blizzard planning on handling hundreds of thousands if not millions of players hitting the servers on day 1 of release?

Blizzard have learnt from SCII and WoW I am sure their servers after they have been tested will handle majority of opening day stress without too much of a problem...
So if a beta build was available a month ago for Blizz HQ Press Event, why is the closed beta still not ready?

because the public beta build wasn't available a month ago, it was a closed, internal, incomplete version of the build.

What's taking so long is getting a compete extrenal Beta ready for us to Beta test
Nevermind they are probably still prepping the B.net architecture for the Beta since it sounded like that wasn't all completed yet.
I also kind of questioned this. It seems odd that they would tell the world that the game is basically done. The systems besides runestones are basically done. Have playable alpha's / beta's at blizzcon's, than have a big press conference at blizzHQ on july 27th and announce the beta. Then turn around and not be able to release it very shortly after that. That being said, I'm sure they will release the beta when they feel it's appropriate. Whether it be for marketing reasons or whatever, they have nothing to gain by shipping out a bad product and I honestly believe that the Diablo 3 team is working diligently on making it the best that they can.
I think the last thing they are waiting on now is the servers themselves. Getting all of the hardware setup, testing the connections and making sure it'll be able to handle the strain of the thousands of users all log on at once.
The beta is waiting for multiple reasons, not just one, of course. It's a combination of building hype for the game, testing hardware capabilities, and dividing attention away from other competing games.
It will be the best and therefore I can endure waiting a while longer.
08/25/2011 04:49 PMPosted by pRoxxY
It will be the best and therefore I can endure waiting a while longer.

Cant we all! :)
My opinion is that they are holding up the beta release due to some marketing reasons. With some upcoming big name MMOs on the horizon I see them having the closed beta some time before they release and the open beta around their release dates to steal the hype from them as they have done things like this in the past with WoW. While it sucks for us who have been waiting for it forever it does make extremely good business sense to do this.
Would be interesting to see a Blue response but I am sure it is tight lipped at this point.

I think the madness will ensue until beta is released and then AWAITING of a beta key will be torture for us all :)
Blizzard have stated that the Diablo 3 beta will be much more of a "true" beta than other Blizzard betas, in the sense that Diablo 3 will be in a much more rough state than other games have been during their beta phases.

Where SC2 and WoW expansions have basically been finished products when they've reached beta, D3 will be a lot less refined and will require many fixes and server downtime.

Which leads me to believe that the hold up is making a playable product to test. There is a huge difference from the internal alpha and press demo to the actual product that will be presented to the public.
Setting up a beta client to show people at a press event and setting it up to allow people to download and set it up from anywhere is two very different things. I believe there is even an official quote somewhere saying that the press event was a "nearly complete" beta build (ie. they might add something like pvp to it).

While server infrastructure was probably needed, I highly doubt it has much bearing on the start of the beta, since they are planning on starting small.
I would rather wait for the server infrastructure to be completed before an open beta is released for testing, anyway. As honored and exciting as beta testing and playing can be, it can also be pretty annoying when the server goes down to fix stuff or when it crashes.

In the WoW Cata beta, the quality of the server was pretty high - just some minor text, item, and location/movement issues to note and ticket. I don't remember there being much downtime at all. Although, that beta was for a game that already had multiple beta rounds completed from other expansions, a huge player base, and 4+ years of development experience so I guess I'm comparing apples and oranges.

Anywhoo - I hope to see a pretty beta key email in September.

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