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As an Aussie I'd just like to say a big 'Cheers Blizz' for the option of getting the NA server access as opposed to the SEA one. I think my brain melted when I was unable to post on this forum (as an ex-veteran WoW player who's account is now shelved).

A quick email to the support peeps at Blizz gave me a thorough walkthrough on how to get the NA access, hence the post.

Best of luck to anyone fortunate enough to taste the success of getting into the upcoming Beta!

See you all in Sanctuary ;)
How do you do it!?

I logged a ticket they basically said I can't access my starcraft account because it was a known bug. No response from that. The only reason I have access is that they sent me an email saying I had 7 free wow days.
Do you have an active SC2 account though? AU/NZ based players can access the NA region from your accounts page (there is a grayed out SC2 + NA option). Click on that and log into SC2 and from the logon page change your region to NA.

All done!
As a fellow Aussie, I too am glad to finally post on the new forums. I desperately hope to get into the beta, so I can get some idea whether the inevitable lag will make the game unplayable.

I was 12 when the original Diablo came out...I have been playing ever since. After following the development of D3 since it was announced, it was a real blow to hear about the online only requirements.

Although I have the best connection available in my area, I still have lag issues when playing D2. Lets hope its not a game killer in D3
I had no issue logging onto my NA SC2 account to post here.

I do wonder if there is gonna be a SEA version though.

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