Anyone not playing PoExile beta anymore?

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Can anybody lend me a path of exile account so ill have something to do this weekend ? i wont mess up in forums or anything. Yea im that desperate to play something new.

I might even commit to give something like a rare item in D3 once its released (not a wizard or monk equip thou).

So if you got a key and wont use it, or if you are not playing anymore, send me a PM.

Anyone in the same situation feel free to use this thread (but let me have it first :P)
I can't help but giggle:

I'll give you a rare item--- but not one that I want to use!!
As i am going to play both wizard and monk, there is no sense promissing ''ill give you anything'' but i am serious about it, its up to someone to believe me or not.
Regardless, if someone is not using the key anymore, no harm can come from giving to someone else, right? thats how i think anyway..
did you play warhammer 40k space marine demo?
nn spam jesus, gieb me mod.

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