New ideas on skill runes.

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From a recent interview with Jay Wilson, he has mentioned that skill runes in the game is not yet finalized:

I wonder, instead of making the skill rune to bind to a specific skill after you equip it, why not allow us to equip the runes in our skill slots? So whenever we switch a skill in and out, they will benefit from the rune of that slot (and of course every time you switch the skill, the bonus effects would be the same).

Why? You ask? Lets say the development team wants to nerf certain skills in the future (which they will), the players who have wasted so many high ranked runes on a skill (to get a perfect rune) are going to hurt very bad, not to mention the damage on the runes economy. Therefore, by equipping skill runes in skill slots, the runes would not become useless as they could still benefit other skills, thus there is no need to grief or QQ because you won't waste 20 rank 7 runes on a skill that are subject to constant changes.

Secondly, are there any information for rune stats re-roll or combine?

For example: You can sacrifice a rank 7 rune to re-roll another rank 7 rune?
You can combine 2 rank 7 rune of the same sort into another type of rank 7 rune?

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