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My first time ever playing Diablo, I picked an Archer and immediately joined an online game. There was one person in the game, a Wizard, and he was one the first dungeon stage. I found my way to the stairs, went down, and saw him fighting 4 mobs. I immediately clicked on one of the mobs he was fighting and !@#$ my first arrow in the game. It ended up hitting him and killing him. He then shouted out some profanities and quit the game. As soon as I had hit him, I was ike "oh crap"...Kinda felt bad for a while after lol.
Well let me start with some background, I'm from uruguay in latin america. I had a pc at the time which was very expensive here, and there were almost no places to buy games, and they were really expensive , REALLY expensive for us, and most of all for a "kid's" game. (all pc games were thought as "kid's" games here).

So one day i was at my english lessons and this friend of mine , Martin, told me "hey lets go buy a game today, my mom game me some money". We were around 10, maybe 9. And im sure it was some months after diablo was released, i had no way of learning about "game releases" or anything like that. My internet was dialup :) and it was expensive as hell.

We went to this shop that sold pirated games (yes, i know, it was the only thing available at the time) and bought d1. We didnt know of the game, just thought "Hey it looks really cool".
We knew blizzard since we played warcraft2 in my english institute, since the game was in english they bought games for the "pc lab" (lol) so we could learn playing.

So as we installed the game we knew it was gonna be great, the autoplay of the cd kicked !@#, and as soon as we started it... oh boy... oh boy... the excitement. It was the best game i had ever played in my entire life, it beated the sh*t out of any activity i had done for entretainment before.

That very same day we learned what the Spawn version was... And here comes the real story. Im not gonna lie i dont remember how much it was in MBs , but i remember this:
I ran to my house (couple of blocks away) and searched for all floppys i could find, tested them , formatted them and ended up with 2 working floppys (we all know how much those bastards refused to work when u needed them). So i spent the following hour i believe going back and from my friend's house to copy in 2 floppys the Diablo Spawn. We knew how to use some tools from the "pc lab" such as "Axe" i think was called, a tool to cut a file in floppy size chunks and then put it back together.

And that was all just to play it that ngiht, because the game shop was already closed. Then a few days later i bought it.
Then 2 years later a friend of mine traveled to the US and bought Diablo1, We always played together and when we discovered we cuold play online it was awesome! And when he bought a diablo2 in the US (he had family there, traveled every year) we played it online and the phone bill (from dial modem) was so expensive our parents prohibited us from internet for like 3 months.

TL:DR ever since a child i've played blizz games, love them and shaped my gaming.
bought my first copy at a computer show when it first came out. both older brothers were like "you bought that game?!?! what a waste!!" little did they know they both would be hooked on diablo 2...

I still to this day remember Griswold saying "uh what can i do for ya"
I remember playing Diablo 1 in the late '90s. I played single players most of the time since I had crappy dial up and my computer only had 14 MB of ram. Multiplayer required 16 MB to play.
First game i ever played on PC was the Diablo 1 trial version / demo, you guys remember the disks that came with multiple game demos. Anyway playing that as a kid was just awesome. "Ahh fresh meat!" was burned into my brain, any of you other D1 fans, you know you're the same.

Been a major fan of the Diablo series for my entire gaming life so really excited to see Diablo 3. its a game that i really want the collectors edition of. That's no easy feat to accomplish. so come on blizz, bring on the beta and release. you know we've been waiting....
1996 oh yes I remember, I still have the box too lol.

At that Time I was also playing C&C and DOOM lol.

LOl I was playing C&C Tiberian Sun too! lol

I bought Diablo 2 in 1999-Age 11 lol
I was given my first PC that was capable of playing games like Diablo exactly three weeks before Diablo came out in 1996.

It was the second game I ever played on that machine, after MechWarrior 2.

I will never forget hearing the music of Diablo for the very first time. What a magical experience.

I couldn't agree more...
i wasn't a Diablo 1 starter, but i was hooked when i first played Warcraft 1 in 94, then starcraft and borrowing d1 a month before d2 came out to buy it and play with a friend, good times good times
I have pretty much bought every blizzard game that came out. However I did not really get into computers till I was around age 24-25. I still remember going to a buddies hows and carrying all of our computer equipment with us for a good ol' Warcraft Lan Party. I bought Diablo the day it came out for sure.
hahaha i got my first diablo 1 for the Playstation! for my birthday from my godmother. I spent so many hrs in that game, reading all the scrolls of lore and trying to not get slaughter by my young noobness. It was a lot of fun. It was later when D2 came out that i got the battlechest and played the 1st one on PC. A lot better.
I didn't get Diablo 1 at launch, but it was close to around that time. That game was so addictive and i've been hooked to the Diablo series ever since. There really has not been a better action RPG then Diablo 1 and 2 since then.
oh the good ol' days!
PC related, diablo was the first game I ever played. I didn't get it at release (I never knew it existed), but maybe a week or 2 later my friend showed it to me, and all I could think was "woooow!!!!!!".... then I bought it :).
Had Diablo and Hellfire after it :)

Many MANY late hours playing with friends. I stayed away from battlenet when the pick-up games got too hacker infested. Had a rogue, with Eaglehorn of course. And a few ears from friends that unwisely got in front of me while I was shooting. Tossing ears to make the little splat sound was fun :3
I am an old, old school Diablo 1 fan. Not only did I get the game the first day it came out, but several months before they released it, one of the PC magazines had a demo of it included in the CD that came with the magazine. I played that demo so many times! It was the first 5 levels of the game, and it ended at "The Butcher's" room, but there was no butcher in it. I don't believe that they had a Diablo 1 beta test? Someone else on here said they had participated in it. They didn't really have beta's open to the public back then. I was lucky enough to get in on the Diablo 2 beta and still have the disc from it.
I was unable to play Diablo 1 full when it first came out, probably because I was only 11 - parents wouldn't have it, understandably. However, I can't count the amount of hours I put into the demo - I think I got my warrior to level 18, just killing mobs in the Cathedral. Oh man it was worth every second. Still get goosebumps on hearing the Tristram theme.
you were in college in 1996? wow....you're a dinosaur....lol I'll probably still be playing games at your age... Sadly I was a poor kid with no computer in 1996 and I was only 12 years old.
hell yeah, godly plate of the whale !@#$%es!

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