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08/30/2011 11:39 AMPosted by Shingan
my complaint is specifically the lack of demons in D2 compared to D1. Not just in hell but it does make my point my blatant when you have a hell with few to no hellspawn.

Just because it doesn't have a tail or horns, doesn't mean it's any less a demon (or source of a demon.). As said before it's just a label for game play, so your classes like the Paladin aren't like "Hey-- uhh-- all these guys are labeled "demons" which means I don't get bonuses for moves I have in the game for the entire point of my character life." . Besides if we saw nothing but rows and rows of demons, it start to get a little cliche, it adds more element. But this is my opinion.

cynikul Quote: Er.. There was plenty of enemies in Act 4.

I thought so. /shrug
Having been playing Diablo 1 and 2 again, I have to say I much prefer a wider diversity of enemy types, as opposed to nothing but demons, demons, and more demons. What hooked me on Diablo in the first place was how Harryhausenesque the skeletons looked in the first game.
So explaining why someone is powerful is bad? WE should just.... assume that there's no reason or the reason couldn't possibly be good enough?
I haven't read the Deathgate saga, but looking up the overview it appears as though their story is about 2 races branching off from humanity... which would make your point backwards fro what I understand. I also didn't see any mention of angels or demons in it. I'm not a big fan of Halo but I doubt there are angels or demons in it either :-P.

So his point about seeing humans as being the offspring of angels and demons being original seems to hold water considering none of your examples seem to suggest otherwise?

If almost every science fictional story you've read contains this could you list some?
I'm not sure about your reading comprehension, but none of that even addressed what I said, hence my above post.

I asked for you to list one series that is ultimately about humans being the product of angels and demons.

Is that a little clearer? Or have you already conceded defeat at this point?
I'm sure it does help when you create over the top generalizations to catch everything.

"It's very very common like all of these but I will give... no examples."

I wasn't aware that Angels and Demons creating Humans was "Vanilla" in this context.

What is Chocolate exactly? Orcs traveling from traveling from far away planets and being corrupted by demons?
"Oh look, a more powerful thing created some less powerful thing! That's just like that other thing! HOW DARE THEY!"

If you're so hell bent on everything being carbon copy clones of each other, why don't you list off a few "Super original" stories that have appeared in recent times.

But wait! I'm gonna make it a little harder for you. (It has to be something someone has actually heard of).

Happy hunting ;-).

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