What will you do if you don't get into Beta?

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if I don't get into diablo3 beta I'll prob keep playing path of exile beta (already found and reported a few bugs on there)

shoot face in BF3 or simply find that perfect gun in Borderlands. Read, ride my Ducati, chill with friends over a fine meal. Lots to do. Much more than what I wouldnt do if I did happen to make it into beta. :) either way I would be happy. Because being happy is well. important to me.

gl with your invite!
I'll be seriously dissapointed.
I'll try to participate in any contest given, to earn a key.

Back in SC2, some groups made a mod that allowed you to at least try the game out, while in beta.

I just hope it doesn't come to that.
I will be watching youtube a lot more for D3.. and play Battlefield 3 beta.
What do you mean? I'm going to keep playing D2!
Watch a bunch of streams, lurk the hell out of these forums and play Titan Quest: Immortal Throne to tide me over. I'll be ok if I don't get in. Really.

not really.
IM going to be thinking, meh, some people out there are playing d3 and not me :(

Try getting into the Guild Wars 2 beta. :O
Seeing as how it's only like one-fourth of the first act, I won't mind that much. A lot of good stuff this fall to keep my busy anyway, including new Dream Theater album/concert, Deus Ex, Skyrim, BF3, etc..
Apply to every online contest I can find and bug people on forums with unused invites to give them away. :D
Watch Force videos
Wait patiently.
I might be a little let down, but no big deal. I'll satisfy myself by reading accounts or watching videos and following fixes.

Ultimately, Beta just means that we're that much closer to release. And that is really what I'm looking forward to.
Cry like a baby
If I don't get a beta key at first, I am going to try to win any contests that I can for a key. If that still doesn't go through I will just watch all of the content that I can, then go back to playing Path to Exile.

If I get a key, I want to try and stream the beta to show other people what is in it. The only issue with that though, is that my computer probably won't allow me to run the game on ultra while streaming. Other than that I just really want to help with feedback and bugs so that the actual launch comes faster.
Youtube and streams will be my best friend.

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