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Hello Netziens! My names ZaK and like so many of you iv been waiting for Diablo 3 to be released for years and years and years now and im only 21 years old! Anyways back in Diablo 2 i was hugely into PvP, i participated and at one time or another ran East Softcore NonLadder Good Mannered Dueling Channels, i always loved the community of gamers who made up those communities. Back then i ran a Clan which had success in 1v1s and 4v4s, more importantly however i had the time of my life learning with this group of people who made up my clan, i also became extremely good pals with all of these teammates and to this day talk to almost all of them (almost all of them are joining up with Hive for Diablo3). In the time between when i stopped playing Diablo 2 and now i decided to create a more structured and "official' gaming team, always having a knack and high interest in competitive online games i thought it couldnt hurt to have a handle i could build off and add too.

Well the team i decided to make was HiveGaming and the games i first started to cover/play were cs.16 DOTA, WC3, SC1, Call of Duty MW, HoN, LoL and then Starcraft 2 came out. When SC2 went public i was having more fun gaming then id had in a very long time and because of that i actively recruited and trained hard to develop my skills, as is normally the case with working hard i attracted fellow gamers who wanted to improve and had teh will power to do so. in no time Hive's SC2 team was full of masters players and thats where were at now! So Diablo 3 has been in my crosshairs for years as both a fun storymode game to play with my friends and family and also as an ultra competitive game title. I figured this would be the best place of anywhere on the internet to recruit some players who are interested in taking Diablo 3 as little more seriously then just playing through the story a few times. HiveGaming's goal in Diablo 3 is to establish itself as a leading PvP dueling team this means having a roaster of amazing 1v1 2v2 and 3v3 teams. Right now theres no limit on the players were looking to get because having 2 amazing 3v3 squads on HiveGaming would make practice sessions all the better!! So heres a basic bullitin of Hive's goals and needs:
HiveGaming's Diablo 3 Recruitment
-Must have a mature, sensible and enthusiastic attitude about playing games with others in an organized fashion.
-Must have an understanding of how RPG styled games work
-Must be able to commit time to the clan whether its playing with members in a party, training in the arena, helping members get better gear etc.. were operating as a full circle meaning if you help the community someones gonna help you back
-Must realize that theres always something more you can know about yourself and the game meaning you should always be improving yourself and looking for ways to do it the most efficiently
-Have a good time playing games!
-Have ventrilo and a mic to communicate with the team in our server
- PvP is not a must Hive is going to be an organization thats very into PvP as far as being competitive goes but theres so many other fun aspects to Diablo so if your just really into being a part of something awesome and organized and lets say love to quest and find items then your more then welcome to message me about joining!

**************For more information please visit our temporary Clan Site @ our new site which will feature team members streams, vods, a forum and much more is currently being made

Thats a brief "REquirements" list for you guys but honestly message me no matter what if your really looking to join!!

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