Race to level 99 in D2 before release!

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Right now my Frenzy Barb is level 89. I have 10 more levels! My goal(s):

1. Reach Level 99.
2. Farm for my own B torch

All before the game is released. I have never had a level 99 D2 character yet, and I have never even seen Uber Tristram. Should I be scared? I did kill Lilith (barely) and got a horn.
If the game is released 2011 good luck! :P if it is 2012 sometime you might be able to do it. Not that it isn't possible, but what will make it difficult is simply, motivation. That takes some serious dedication.
Bots run 24/7 and they don't hit 99 for a long time.

Also, reroll pally if you want to solo torch runs.
Well whahhh that makes me feel bad. Well I will try no doubt, since I do not have much else to do.
Yea you could probably get the B-torch although I have never tried ubers with a barb but making it to 99 seems like it is nearly impossible at least in my experience. I only had the patience to make it to 95 before MF'ing stole my interest away from the endless baal runs.
Well on US west ladder there are only 3 level 99s lol.
99? Good by life. I was watching a decked out hammerdin running baal 24/7 for atleast a week for level 98-99.
I've done 99 back in the cow run days pre-nerf, when a javazon could clear it in minutes.

Last time I'll ever see it.
You don't have to roll pally to solo torch runs... The only ubers solo toon that I built was a assassin kicker. It is possible to do without a smiter, I'm just not sure what build you would need for a barb.
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Like a month ago I was playin again.. Took like a week to get from 96 to 97 6players in game running chaos and Baal literally 24/7.

Ouch and I only have about 3 hours per day. Game will probably not be released in 2011 anyways.
best char i have ever had, 98 Barb back in V1.09 i got so tired of baal after baal that i gave up on 99 and started a new char lol
at 3 hours a day, it will probably take you around 3-4 months to reach 99. DONT DIE ;)
uber is a stupid word. i hope they dont use it in diablo 3 in any form.
08/26/2011 11:53 AMPosted by Chizzyjr
uber is a stupid word. i hope they dont use it in diablo 3 in any form.

Getting to level 99 is ridiculously time consuming. It's not that it's difficult, it's that the experience jumps once you hit 97 are silly.
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My highest level was a 97 zon, and that's only because I shared the character with 2 friends and we all did cows non-stop.
I'll take you up on that race. I just started back into the game though, my latest 'creation' is level 21, but I don't care seeing if I can beat you in level by the time D3 comes out. :)

Even if we don't hit 99, we can see who can get the highest.

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