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If this had not already been brought up.

Create a mentoring system, I mean if one person expresses knowledge about one class and seems to know the insides and outs of said mechanics, make class specific MVP's and also in game option to ask "Class Masters" questions on specs and what not. Provide accessability in game and only allow a level past a certain level, send questions to filter out some questions. Also make said level coincide with the last respec if there is going to be limited respecs.

I for one would love to do this granted it would take alot of time out of playing diablo 3, BUT, would provide a better game in the end run.

The only reason I mention this is because it seems to be hard to get your questions answered. The hardcore people would of course probably not need this, but new people just starting out. People who might be good in video games but has a hard time finding information on the internet.
I kinda like this idea, although instead of implementing it into the game, even if they like the idea, they will probably just open up a forum for it.
They're called MVP's in the forums (see Sixen).
I don't like your idea, in fact I would go so far as to say I dislike it.
The point is sometimes people dont want to go to google and filter through all the search engine replys to find something half meaningfull, when you can easilly make it readily available. Also there are circumstances that people cant ALT TAB to open a browser window to find this information.

As i put more thought into this... take a look at HoN (Heroes of Newarth);

When you press B it opens a window of recomended builds and buy orders and skill leveling order. Which is great if you are just getting into the game. Its such a great idea that i wish it would be implemented in more games that have skill choices. Its a comunity thing and your guides and builds can be upvoted and downvoted.

You can take this a step forward in Diablo 3;

1. Allow for user input via comments by only said MVP's or class experts.
2. Inlcude PROS and CONS about the build.

This is only the begining of my idea that in reality I should be putting into a website. But thinking about it, this should be something that would be great if it was included into the video game.
08/26/2011 12:41 PMPosted by NullnVoid
I don't like your idea, in fact I would go so far as to say I dislike it.

??? Really constructive sir, look at bottles reply he states the reason why he wouldnt like the idea. Why wouldnt you like this implemented?
08/26/2011 11:29 PMPosted by Revamp
I read the 1st sentence and stopped reading... and thus have no input on your potentially excellent or terrible idea.

Alright, so why reply? Thanks for reading one sentence.

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