TY Sixen... and thank God for shared stash.

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I just tried playing D2, and needed to 'refresh' a couple mules, then got this:
You are unable to connect to Battle.net
/insert connect to internet error here/

So I look it up on the net, and low and behold...

Originally posted by Sixen - USWest:

Download the Diagnostic Tool created by Win32, below:

Extract the files and then execute the program inside.

First, type in "resolve *realm.battle.net" without the quotation marks. If you get many ip's, then that works.

The second test is to type this:
"connect *realm.battle.net" without the quotation marks.

Now, post the contents of Log.txt in a reply to this thread so it can be reviewed.

*: Change this with your realm. For example, useast.battle.net.

Looks like I was IP banned for switching characters too quickly... I wanted to say ty to you, and that I am so glad there is now a shared stash, so I hope mule characters will be a thing of the past.
Hahahaha, no worries... It's been a while since I've used that copypasta on the Legacy Forums!
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Me and my cousin have been playing D2 again for the past couple of months and he gets that error a lot, switching between mules. Quite annoying, actually. There are bots that pop in and out of games so often that it gives you a "game is full" message even though there's only 1 person in the game. Makes us want to rage.

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