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Is anyone attempting the Writing Contest this year?
I was thinking about it, but I just can't come with any kind of interesting story hook for Random Joe characters. I hesitate to use any of the already established lore characters because it just feels lazy... and many of them have come down with severe cases of "Dead".
^ True who wouldn't want to touch establish figures. However base on both precious winning entries its seems Blizzard wants writers who build a reasonable "small but historical moment", while using established lore/characters in their universes. (e.g. Explore part of Deckard Cain's journey across Sanctuary, following after the Dark Wanderer/Adventurers up to the Barbarian lands and the Worldstone's destrcution)

I'll wont be doing a Diablo story (the floodgate of new Diablo lore and story threads be spilling out by then) but a idea for StarCraft that been weaving since 2010.

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