Names are not unique!

Share your wizard name and gender.

<<< Same name for male wizard

What about you?
Fem Wiz named Parks.
female wizard named lucid
If I get in the beta, I'd probably go male wizard named Dresden just for fun. Probably not what I'd do at actual launch, though.
I'm "TheWiz" because nobody beats me. Imthewiz.
Male wizard named Gaylord
Haven't decide on the gender yet, but probably Switch
Yaaay! Now I can party with 500 characters named "Raistlin" and they'll almost all be spelt right!
TANSTAAFL - Female Wiz.
femal Always! - Name : Harry Wizard
Lord Voldemort
<-- Scientist all the way.

Was always my favorite named toon in WOW, so unless they change the naming conventions significantly, ill probably keep it :-)
I'm probably naming all my characters based on Avatar: The last Airbender.

A really great show. Go die Shyamalan for messing up the liveaction movie; but some really cool character names to use in D3!
Male Wizard.....Gandalf aka U shall not pass!
Female named Cassini.
Female named Candy

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