Ok I got a email today about beta

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everybody just hit that little thumbs down button on the right side of all of chambermaids posts and select trolling, it will just remove his stuff from this and it will be over and done with.
Click on the link, it's totally legit. Give them your SIN #, your Health Care #, your CC # (don't forget the three numbers on the back), place of residence, and your second favourite type of cheese. Then=guranteed beta invite.
08/31/2011 05:12 PMPosted by Yadoc
everybody just hit that little thumbs down button on the right side of all of chambermaids posts and select trolling, it will just remove his stuff from this and it will be over and done with.

But i'm not sure if he's trolling! O_O

Though he probably is, however the poster above me does have a point, and like I said earlier, the "s" in https stands for secure, and the link seems to be very legit, it's the exact same address from the actual battle.net account address :O

Sir... you are very lucky if it's an actual beta invite.
from what i can see this has been going on for a very long time, he's trolling and by the looks he's been having a holy ol crap ton of fun with it too!!!, my brother would be patting him on the back and !@#$ting his pants laughing if he saw all these posts he got! but if yall wanna keep it going why not it's something to keep everyone occupied till beta comes out (grats chambermaid) trololololooooooo!

EDIT: Dangit, people are too quick for me! >:(

That was at the guy who said "Gratz!" >_>
08/31/2011 05:31 PMPosted by Chambermaid
wow my thread hit 11 pages of this and all I was doing was asking a question to blue about a email I got lol thanks guys I know everyone is just clicking refresh to see how far they can push my buttons to get me to post the email. If blue says its ok to post it I will if not sorry I not going to risk banning or locking of my account

For 1: Posting the e-mail probably wouldn't get you banned seeing as how so many other people have done it.

For 2: The link does look legit.

For 3: However, there shouldn't be a link in it.

For 4: Some guy said that it was, infact, a scam, based on what Sixen I think told him, who I believe is an MVP.

For 5: Basically, this is all confusing.
wow you lucky bastard~ I'm so jealous~
08/31/2011 12:05 PMPosted by Erik
You don't need to call them. Bash has already stated that the only action needed to confirm a beta invite is to got to battle.net (type the url into your web browser, do not follow links), log into your account and check you account page to see if D3 beta is listed as a downloadable client.

No. It works different for the Blizzcon keys. They did not ask for Battle.net e-mails in the last blizzcon. Therefore the key is sent to your e-mail and you can register it to an account of your choice. It was the same way with Starcraft 2 keys. Those of us who got in through Blizzcon had to register our game key. Those who were opted-in got in through the method you listed. Please do some research before you post.
ForceStrategy says in his podcasts that the official email that will be sent to you if you are selected for the beta will NOT contain any links in the email itselt. The email will only inform you to log into your battle net account.

Since you mentioned the email had a link to the battlenet site directly, it would suggest that the email is a phishing scam. But I hope people are getting beta keys, means the game is coming soon :)
I think someone needs attention.

go look in your header files, that simple. most likely scam if its giving you a link to your login.
08/31/2011 11:55 AMPosted by bMBadNews
witch is spelled which

He may be legit......he may not be. I think we have all learned over the years to take all this with a grain of salt until he can prove otherwise. If it was a successful troll....hey good for him....we bit. I tend to be a skeptic with this stuff where a Blizzard product is concerned. If it's not from a Blue or someone like Sixen it goes under "rumor" until proven otherwise.

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