Diablo Site Looks Too Much Like the WoW Site.

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Personally, I find nothing wrong with "matching websites" (in regards to layouts for the SC2, WoW, and D3 websites). If anything, it gives Blizzard's online content continuity. The layout is indisputably awesome-looking, and I have no complaints.
I love the layout of b.net 2.0's community sites. It makes them easy to navigate.
Too cool for WoW portraits, SC2 foreva (and soon to be Diablo 3)!!!

It's worth noting too you'll only be able to post here if you have a DIII license... once the game is released! Along with that players will have all-new Diablo character avatars.

But I want to post on my wow avatar you meanie!
You will be able to swap between whichever avatar you want I imagine. Right now I can choose between SC2 profile or any of my WoW characters.
The site looks great! Just like everything blizz does.
Yes, because we will be unable to use D3 avatars when it releases. I'm sure of this because since with the new battle.net we have been unable to use SC2 avatars. Oh wait...
I love the site. Good job guys keep up the good work.
I'd definitely like the option of having my SC2 potrait for this site, I just love zealots!
I like it and yes it should look uniform within the same company but I do want some Diablo Avatars

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