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For some reason I am unable to send blizzard the system spec update.

Full error says

"There was a problem sending your system information to Battle.net. Please check your internet connection, close all applications and try again. For further assistance, please visit Battle.net"
Turn off your virus protection.... norton wont even let me start the system check
This sounds ridiculous, but open up your Battle.net Account page in your browser, minimize that (keep it open though!) and then run the utility in Administrative mode. Don't ask why it works, but it does.
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Yea no..... Nothing changed. Same error
I had this issue.

Download the current version again.
Log out of battlenet.
Close window.
Run program.
Appreciate both your suggestions though
I had the same error and I just had to log out of battle.net and then it would send it without error.
I've tried being logged in and logged out.. ive tried running it as admin.. ive tried shutting off my anti virus.... nothing seems to work.

I click send... it waits about 10 seconds, then I get an error and a new window pops up


Which offers zero help
What is your operating system?

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