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So I've played diablo 1 and diablo 2 a lot but I still don't have a strong grasp of the story are the books a good read for everything that goes on in the world of sanctuary, any one have any input on what book to read first?

Yes, read these 3 books.

-The Sin War
-Scales of the Serpent
-The Veiled Prophet

Those 3 will get you caught up to on the lore of Sanctuary. Plus, they were very entertaining. Actually now that i think about it, they should name a monster after Richard Knaak (author). Well, not totally after him, but maybe use just his last name. The Knaak!

...ya anyway read those books. Then after that get "Moon of the Spider" because necro's are awesome, but oh read "The Kingdom of Shadow" first, than "Moon of the spider" in that order


^ Yeah the good o'l Knaak joke. For someone who's done 20 some stories for Blizzard that be a nice tidbit of homage but... that maybe thought a second insult to the author from Blizzard. :P (First beings Krasus' death)

Main Topic: Well verses Blizzard's other franchises products Diablo doesn't have that much literature compared to Warcraft and StarCraft. So it be quick run through.

There the Diablo Archive, a omnibus that includes four novels:
  • Demonsbane - covers a event that occured centuries before D1 begun, so far no essential lore been tied to the game
  • Legacy of Blood by Richard A. Knaak - the main setting should be familiar to a D2 player... Lut Gholein, set just awhile before the Dark Wanderer appeared.
  • The Black Road - extremely slow beginning that takes half the book to make its opening point)
  • The Kingdom of Shadow by Knaak - By him again. Covers a unknown D2/LOD land Ureh and a sinister conspiracy

  • Then there the post-Worldstone destruction novel The Moon of the Spider (Knaak's 5th Diablo book), that follows the author's previous characters in TKoS.

    No Archive version for The Sin War trilogy (by The Knaak) been made avaiable. It basically covers Sanctuary and Humanity's origins.

    But if you don't what to read this much there is the upcoming "in-game artifact"/"compendium of Diablo lore", the Diablo III: Book of Cain, this will gives a penned POV of Deckard Cain's knowledge of his world... whether from its origins, mysterious, the D1-LOD timeline, up to the 20 year silence from Heaven and Hell etc. A quick roundup of Diablo lore.
    Well if you want to read them in chronological order here is something i used its a good forum post about it.

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