Diablo One to Now. What a journey it has Been

Lore and Story
Isnt it intense, to think in 1996 when i first bought my very first CD game, that 15 years later I would be devoted to this franchise. Do any of you remember the first time you played diablo? the first Fallen One that made that new exciting sound of demon death. How about the first time you witnessed "The Butcher" and you figured out if you got him stuck in the door way and cast a firewall he would die almost instantly. The time you had to go into the catacombs looking for the sign for that odd man in town that owned the INN and he gave you that ridiculous but interesting looking helm. The Arkaine's Valor, running around the looking for the "Three Bloodstones" to unlock the room, and be the "Hero of Light". Remember putting on that piece of armor and your char changed his look? That there started the obsession of finding new items to change what your character would look like.

Then we got cheap, starting duping Elixers, obsidian rings, Godly plate of the Whale, and the Staff of Apocalypse. People starting getting trainers and killing people in town and the game slowly went away.

Then, Diablo 2. Every Diablo 1 fans dream, a new Diablo game without the cheats and dupes, and to hopefully see some new Characters and bosses.

It was the Year 2000, i was graduating grade 8 and finally figuring out how awesome Girls really were. Then out of nowhere I hear the release of Diablo 2, got my mind and other things out of Mary Jane Wilson and throw my attention to the Local computer shop begging them to tell me when the new Diablo game was coming (because I lived in a town of 6000 people and things came pretty late) an to let me put cash down to get it. He told me he didnt even know what the game was... i almost puked in mouth. I did some research got the date and my parents drove my buddies and I to a nearby city called Barrie, Ontario and got it. I was crapping my pants all the way home. Finally got there and not sure about all of you but in 2000 we didn't have awesome computers. I still had dial up and 256 mb's of ram, and the game lagged like there was no tomorrow. Saved up some cash did things i wish I could forget and upgraded my computer to 1 gig of ram.

Since then, life has been a blur, million of hellforges, trades and rushes later, im sitting here at the age of 25, in the Military, living with my spouse, thinking about the future and saving for retirement, and still I cannot get the sound of Tristram out of my head, the screaming of Diablo and Baal after you slam them down with 13k hammers, the Millions of people making life so hard to trade an item that you say screw it up and go onto a website and buy some stuff and go back and do the same thing, and most of all,the sound of "How can I help you today". Since the first time you step into Tristram in Diablo 1 and hear his old scratchy voice, to diablo 2, re-turning to Tristram to save the Elder that knows the Story of Diablo, and wishes to help you, like he helped the first Hero in Diablo 1. Cain. A Name that no one mistakes when they hear it, the only name that ties itself to the Game that everyone Fan will think of when they hear it.

Diablo 3. Im glad your here and im ready to take a trip into the deep with this game. I will sit at my computer at night waking in the morning with eyes darker then the depths of hell. Wake with fingers stiff as a board from a night of click CLICK click. Wake with the almost addictive drive to go back to my computer and find the next best Item.

Im ready for this game, and so are all of you, lets OWN this franchise and let it never die.

(post your memory of Diablo for this is mine)

-Adam Kittson
I remember that my best friend and I (still great friends today) would make gallons of Kool-aid and play Diablo II through the night. We never had two computers at once so we'd always be sitting next to one another pointing and yelling at the screen if we weren't playing. I can't believe that it's been so long since Diablo 2 came out.

There was one night in particular that we were running Mephisto and we used to have competitions as to which of us could get lucky and teleport down to level 3 the fastest (at least I think it was level 3.)

OH! How could I forget that there was the time I found an Occulus and clicked the ever-loving-holy-hell out of my mouse and got it in the middle of nowhere.
Moved this thread to general discussion if you wanna post there :D funny story though!
Ashamedly for a Blizzard fan I have no fond memories of Diablo games aside a demo, but researching lore marital through novels and wikis. I've spent hundreds dollars worth on books and a handful of others games but I never really consider of purchasing the Diablo Battlecrest until now. *mumbles self-inflecting curses*

But I'm hyped to explore every single scrap of the Diablo III experience! Lore, cinematics, gameplay, PvP, AH etcerta.

EDIT: Didn't see new post. I'll leave it here nonetheless, no need to C&P.
I can just say I inheret the journey from my parents... When we use to live in a city, my parents will break nights playing Diablo I online. My father was a sorcerer while my mother played as a rogue. Me? I had to patiently wait until they finish so I can play Warcraft II! ^_^

When Diablo 2 came out, my parents, my brother and I played various characters until lord of destruction came out... Good times!
Yup I do remember those times. For me; I was playing so much doom, quake and warcraft and heard about this game called "diablo" in the PC gamer magazine. Me and my friends downloaded the demo (It was approx. 50megs and on dialup was painful). I loved it; went and got the full version and played it night after night.

Diablo 2; I was in university and playing it with dorm buddies.

Now diablo 3 is coming out, a professional software developer (games being one of the reason I got into programming) and cant wait to play it !

Btw: Barrie is still a small town ;)
I used to think I was pretty badass with my warrior in all duped gear in Diablo 1. Then I dueled a legit sorcerer and since there is no run, its easy to tele back n forth shooting fireballs making a 12 year old angry as he dies over and over.

Didn't help that the guy watcing me play was a fan of sorcerers and said, "Told you they're better"
Also, with some high hit rate recovery you will be able to move while being hit by some fireballs.
As i remember, u can dodge some of them too if the caster is far from u.

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