Wish Upon a Fallen Star

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This star or meteor seem to be mentioned in the "prophecy" which leah meantions in the cinematic trailer. But not in the cinematic itself, but in the beta lore. Someone has already confirmed this. But it seems to be something else than an angel or demon. Maybe its just a piece o rock that was summoned by the dark cultists to open a "gate" through hell in order to bring diablo back to sanctuary.

I doubt its Tyrael.

First off, do you think it would take the council TWENTY YEARS to banish him for destroying the worldstone.

Donald Trump takes 3 seconds to fire someone.

My guess is something/someone demonic in nature. As someone else mentioned, its power revived the Skeleton King. Highly doubt a power of good would have that kind of influence on something evil.
I'm going to go with Tyrael as well. Destroying the worldstone may have been more then Angiris council could put up with and banished him

BUT WHY would they WAIT oh...TWENTY YEARS to do it?


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Donald Trump takes 3 seconds to fire someone

I lol'd at that.
My best bet is some sort of shard of the worldstone. Since it possessed a great deal of power, not just the ability to hide sanctuary from heaven and hell, it could have been part of the 3's plan from the very beginning (Izual did tell them everything about the Soul Stones and they were shards of the worldstone if I remember correctly). Who knows what Baal's corruption was ment to do, at they very least they already knew they could be defeated by mortal heroes come the time of Diablo 2.
I doubt its Tyrael.

First off, do you think it would take the council TWENTY YEARS to banish him for destroying the worldstone.

Donald Trump takes 3 seconds to fire someone.

Who said it was a unanimous decision? Who knows how long a debate among Eternals would last to mortals? Time is relative.
I am going with, " look out, another flying chuck of worldstone!" and, if the worldstone can siphon the strength from Nephalem, what was Ba'al doing with it? Was he trying to get busy with it. Or perhaps he simply wanted Tyreal to destroy it, so made out like he was doing something funky. He was all " Oh, I am gonna eat this last chicken wing, Oh, I am gonna do it, Oh, I almost there." then tyreal threw his steak-knife at it and it exploded. This is why Demons and Angels should not hang out at Hooters.
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Please watch the new cinematic, Azmodan says that hell's legions will spill forth from the crater. Something fell from Hell, not Heaven. This isn't speculation anymore, go watch the cinematic.

Different craters. The crater demons are pouring from is the shattered remains of Mount Arreat, which is kind of a much bigger crater than the one at Tristram Cathedral (which is much, much smaller).
Crazy idea, but perhaps its diablo making his return from the Black Abyss? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the Fallen Star fell into the Tristam Cathedral(where the Dark Wanderer first "killed" diablo) and than Leah wakes up after Diablo(since we now know he's the end game boss) first shows his face amongst what looks like flames and roars
Well lets take into effect that this came from above, so wouldnt it make more sense that this comes from heaven? Unless Hell spat out a star and the star made a U turn then Im figuring it fell from Heaven.
Do we really know where the exact location of the Black Abyss is though? It could be a seperate dimension from Hell all together.And if it was from heaven, than why show Diablo of all people at the end, when the star finally hits the Cathedral?
Malthael, the Aspect of Wisdom and soon to be the Angel of undeath.
After the latest cinematic I think the Black Soulstone could be the Fallen Star or at least related to it.
I'm with anubis, I think it is the black soulstone. Leah is the child of the D1 hero who has Diablo's soulstone in his head. Thus, Leah has some of Diablo in her which explains the whole Azmodan cinematic. Azmodan is talking to Diablo through her. !@#$ is gonna hit the fan.
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Could be Imperius coming down himself to finish the job.

I beleive this might be it aswell. Or something similar from heaven, a very nasty heaven dude.

Why bother saying "And the heavens shall tremble."

The ArchAngels saw how powerful we were when we banished Diablo Meph and Baal.
When Tyreal broke the "worldstone" (as far as we know...) he released the very thing that held our powers (Nephelem) back.

They are afraid of us, especially since the ArchAngel of Fate cant see OUR fate, he's worried that we may win :P

Imperius landed on the Cathedral thinking perhaps it was where Diablo originally came from in D1.... ? Meh, i dont know, i'm trying :p

Its either that, or it is Diablo in his True Form and we should all be very.. very scared.
Angels dont fall from the sky like they were cast out from heaven in the game as you could possibly imagine or compare with real life (in case u r a catholic)

Both demons and angels are from another dimension, different from sanctuary, and they both could be falling, but thats not what i believe, because theres no reason to believe in that.

The star is probably the black soulstone, or a meteor that the culstist have summoned ir order to open a portal from hell to sanctuary or something. I dont think its a living being nor angel, nor demon.

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