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Demon Hunter
So, it seems to me that the DH is a pretty "Kitey" class (lots of running away then stopping to shoot and such) and unable to stand up in melee very well at all, and doing pretty low damage at range as well.

So, I turn to you Demon Hunter community. Why should I play a class that (seemingly) doesn't range nuke as well as a Wizard and (seemingly) gets eaten alive in melee?

Enlighten me.
I have seen a few ppl playing DH made dmg output look very poor, which made the class look bleh...

But there is a few that destroyed everything rather quickly. I think you need to watch someone who knows how to play the character to get your interests fired back up.

This class looks like it will be a very fun class to play.
Also keep in mind after the first part of the game you will have a follower which may assist in gathering up mobs a little making you have to kite less. This coupled with some higher level abilities could completely change the game for the DH.
I did a runthrough with me on a demon hunter and my buddy on a witch doctor. We would have him tank/gather up the mobs with his dogs in narrow spots and then I would throw my bombs and chakram (it takes practice with the aim). total destruction. Best class so far for me. The evasion shot is amazing. It's basically a strong hit and if an enemy is near you, a backflip away to safety. Very powerful if you group with some class that can force the mobs to stack up. I love this class.

edit: added the name chakram instead of "metal star thing"

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