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Beta is out now, and people who are selected for the beta have an obvious way to help out the Diablo community; mainly, to play the game, test it for bugs and report them. They also help sate the community's desire for streaming vids, info, etc.

However, I was wondering if there is a way for others to get involved in the community of Diablo, pre-release? I realize there is a lot of 'involvement' so far, but most of that seems to be a mix of awe-struck but pointless comments ("OMG! Diablo 3 is amazing"), or people complaining about the game based on just a few meager hours of game play ("Diablo 3 sucks; not hardcore enough - Barbarian rage system sucks), etc.

So, in short - I was simply wondering if there is a way to get involved in helping the community, pre-release of D3? If not, that's cool, and I look forward to being active in the community post-release.

yeah you could do something for me
search all the videos, all the threads and make me a montage of all the best beta items
thanks :P
Even rocky had a montage.
09/08/2011 12:45 PMPosted by Giraffasaur

Haha, I had a feeling this would be the basic answer - Ah well.

Popje, you actually have a good idea at the core of your comment. Sadly, I lack video-capturing software -

But, having said that, the idea of making a montage of many Diablo video's as an advertisement of sorts; capturing the action/feel of Diablo, linking epic battle sequence to battle-sequence...

That has merit.
Get a out of your mom's basement and get a job. The economy is rather bad and it could use your help.

You seem to lack the basic understanding of the economy's biggest problem right now (there aren't jobs for people to go out and get)
Not to get sidetracked by frivilous comments, but I am actually a choral accompanist as well as a music teacher; I play music, and make a living - Gaming is my hobby, which I love - Hence the reason why I enjoy being involved in gaming communities.

That is the reason I posted this thread in the first place - I like the Diablo series (sadly, I got involved in it far after the majority of others) and am excited to start Diablo III at its inception. However, as marvelous as a game may be, the beauty of an online game such as this is the community of people which play it gathering together on forums such as these to discuss the game, potential improvements, downfalls, etc.

I did realize upon posting the initial comment that, most likely, there would not be much a person such as myself can do - However, I also realized that there are thousands of people in the community who might have better ideas than I can think of, so thought I would venture a post.

That is all.

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