Zombie dogs need to be defensive

Witch Doctor
They really need to attack your target, not the closest mob they see. This is especially frustrating when it comes to chasing down the treasure goblin. Also, they tend to go off and attack whatever they want, whenever they want. I would like to see them be more defensive and less aggressive.
Should be like WoW - aggressive/defensive/passive mode, possibly?
Is there no control click? or "attack target" type key?
Not that I can tell. Changing the mode would be awesome imo.
Basically, if they can see a mob, they'll run to attack it. Even if you aren't in range to aggro it, they'll run and get it.
I've had times where a door comes into view on my screen, and if there are no other enemies nearby, the Z-dogs will run to the door and wait for me to open it, even though I can't see any enemies on the other side yet.

However, if you run far enough away from an enemy (so its off-screen), the Z-dogs will ignore their former target and come back to your side.
I have noticed that if they do wonder off and attack something close to or off screen and you click to go in the opposite direction, they stop and run back to you rather than engage the monster.
I doubt there will be any pet control, even though it could be useful.
Pet control on that level is not "diablo-ish"...

Also, you don't have a (persistent) target, if you're attacking at range sending dogs after whatever you hit last won't work so well, since most of the WD's spells are AOE's of one kind or another...

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