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So... big 3 community complaints are, "Apparent Difficulty" (too high/low) "Level Cap" (dead-zones, low/high cap) and that weird "re-spec/prestige/e-peen"...thing everyone is going on about.

Seems to me these all boil down to "I'm gonna play WAY more than you, so therefore I need 'content/mechanic X' to cure my butthurt."

Weigh in on how much you're honestly going to play D3? 100+ hours? 500+ hours? Justify your projected hours with why you NEED your certain gameplay mechanic beef!
about 500 hours a week
It all depends on how good Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, and Assassins Creed are. If those games are really good (which I expect all of them to be). My d3 time goes down considerably. Especially Skyrim if it's anything like oblivion in terms of amount of things to do D3 will have to absolutely blow me away to keep me from that game.
Im going to play every single second im breathing air and im going to play it exactly how its released and love it. the end.

The natural response to this would be, "But Jaident, you havent played D3 therefore you cant possible know you're going to love it!"

Simple answer, I have bought, played, and loved every title Blizz has released since D1. You may not have liked something in Cata, or wished they had done something in Wings of Liberty differently, but Blizz doesnt release bad games. CANT WAIT TO PLAY THIS ROOAARR.
My personal goal:

40hrs a week
$1160 a month

That's a $7.25hr full time min. wage job. (Before taxes n stuff for all you nitpickers)


+60hrs a week
$100-300 month

Either way...I'll love it.

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