Diablo 1 or 2 for IOS/Android please

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I mean honestly, it would be awesome. It has the perfect platform for it too when it comes to ipad and android tablets also.

just look how dungeon hunter 2 works so well.

edit: doh wrong forum? @_@ lol
Not another lets port it to every platform known to man junkie. Would you honestly rather play Diablo on your trashy iPad than on computer with 100x better graphics and controls? Playing games on mobile devices is generally a huge waste of time for most types of games, and is something do more because they think its "cool" and "high tech" rather than games actually being fun and/or better than alternatives. Its also terrible on your hands and fingers awkwardly holding your screen and trying to drag stuff around at a quick pace.
It would be awsome! they only thing i really dont like in dongon hunter is the UI..!
Well, at least this isn't a "MAKE IT WORK ON LINUX QQ" thread.
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Well, at least this isn't a "MAKE IT WORK ON LINUX QQ" thread.

This would be quite easy, SC2 was playable on Linux during the beta. Though I am not fond of Linux users complaining that they can't play all the games in the world that wasn't designed for their OS.
Get a laptop.
I can't really see this happening, but it's a fair request, I myself, and many many others, constantly look for a diablo like experience for our phones.

I don't really play that many games on my phone though, mostly just the odd puzzle/numbers type games, like Sudoku or something simple and easy that works on a mobile platform, But i can see the want for this.
I think this would be a great idea. We already have icewind dale, boulders gate (with expansions), and even RuneScape.
If they would of remastered D2 for PC and also came out with a remastered D2 mobile version, it would of went over great at Blizzcon.

But its actually astonishing at how bad Blizzard is being ran these days and the quarterly phone call actually has people spooked at how little content they seem to be able to generate these days.
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boulders gate


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