seperate loot server? please?

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No the idea of having a difficulty where people HAVE and are FORCED to work together to possibly find the BEST loot in the game wasn't trolling.
Life isn't fair, making the game 100% "fair" is a joke too. And whats "fun" for some people is different...this is all opinion based. Q_Q more isn't doing anything for any1 excepting making youself look like a baby.

Sharing your opinion is 1 thing posting personal attackings and saying delete threads is useless
Anyone remember sorceress telekinesis in early d2 versions....
Boy was i stealing everyone's !@#$!!! :D

i was the one they cursed at ... :)

but as for the topic, i disagree, it's better for the spirit of the game that everyone gets an even share of the loot every time. The idea in d3 is trading... not recognizing every item which is on the ground asap and then immediately go to it and grab it b4 someone else recognizes it b4 you. (memories....)

It adds a certain stress which is unpleasant, almost like dread. :(
And nobody wants to feel those baaaaad feeeelinggs :P

So this idea would be detrimental to the fun factor.

Sorry but your idea is a prefect example of a poorly constructed opinion
09/15/2011 04:54 PMPosted by Foofighter
What's the competition, then? Whoever clicks faster? That would only encourage people to be at each other's neck. The community is already ... finnicky enough as is, let's not give everyone an extra reason to be pissed at each other.

Then don't play on the server if you dont like it...if you think its all about a clicking contest your waaay off. its about making items worth something you dont see 2309287490 of the "best" and "rarest" items on the AH. So when you find a item you've actually accomplished something not many other people have...

HOPEFULLY they just make inferno mode as hard as there saying its truly going to be...but doubtful. they need to make inferno mode, UN-soloable and hell mode semi soloable hopefully this is the case

dude... the only reason you see a million end game content items in the hands of everyone in D2 is becouse of hackers. D3 supposedly have this issue asserted.

Secondly, im not sure you really understood how it works... but when a boss dies and the chance were in our favor, he is not dropping 4x the same elite item, rather only one player is getting it, by luck, ad another player might get a rare... .In short the new system does NOT means the market will be flooded becouse every monster drops x times the loot. It just doest work that way
09/15/2011 04:36 PMPosted by Foofighter
I loved the fact that in diablo 2 there were items there that were EXTREMELY rare and items people never saw drop even after play for years. Now it seems that although of course there will be extremely rare items they wont be quite as rare as before

Why? We aren't importing drop tables or %'s from Diablo II, we can balance drop chances how we like, and we will indeed be balancing with it in mind that everyone gets their own drops.
I'm happy the Blizzard team noticed that. Thank you.

Can someone tell me why only 4 players are allowed? I like the idea of 8 players...

I haven't spoken with the Dev team about it, but I can tell you that the action and the spell effects already get pretty crazy with just four players in a dungeon. I think eight would be a bit of overkill, and would require some serious tinkering.

Four is still plenty fun though, in my view.
09/15/2011 05:15 PMPosted by Jacka
Are you trolling?

yes they all are, can you close this thread and the other 1 you posted in. thanks.

While you're at it, pull a President Madagascar and SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING!
Oops. I missed the little blue tag. STEPPIN ON TOES
I deleted my post ^ b/c i was to rude and i don't want to troll. But how could he possibly like the way D2 was the click fest like crazy. Also that would then create what was known as Pick-it. of which he prob used and is prob why he want's it this way.
This guy is a troll, he made some stupid statement in another thread aswell, he hasn't even played Diablo

btw, Bashiok, closed beta now pl0x, or Force is getting close to being boycotted ;)
your thinking that one boss kill - Everyone gets god loot.... More than likely... kill a boss== all 4 get vendor junk-- much like D2 is now... majority of drop stuff is vendor junk.
foofighter, no

everyone else, thank god this guy doesn't work on the d3 dev team, else we'd all be boned fun-wise
09/15/2011 05:01 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Scrabbling on the ground after drops like a crazed chipmunk is not so fun.

I personally had a blast doing this. But then, I mainly played in passworded games with friends/clanmates.
I still don't see how you can call "being the fastest to click on an item" a fun thing to do in a diablo game. If you like that sort of thing, you should play slapjacks for something. Anyhow, I think when you're killing a boss, such as diablo, it is very distracting to have to worry over items rather than deal with the emotional impact that you're supposed to feel when you're saving the world.

I don't mean to put down "speed" games. I think games like slapjack is a great game. I just think the new looting system is appropriately placed so that we can concentrate on fighting rather than rushing to pick up every item.
09/15/2011 05:50 PMPosted by Trulain
Scrabbling on the ground after drops like a crazed chipmunk is not so fun.

I personally had a blast doing this. But then, I mainly played in passworded games with friends/clanmates.

Sure it's fun in a fair fight, but what about latency differences? As an Aussie these were an extreme concern as likely the time something dropped and picked up by someone happened before I saw it drop (or at the same time) giving me literally no chance to win that fight.

Not to mention people using pickit, or other mods, to assist them in picking it up faster. (hopefully mods are never a problem in d3 of course).

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