So What will be done about the farmers?

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I am very interested in farming this game and getting super rare items and selling them for real money, but i can't help but think of the other guy who does this 24/7 in a different country as a job and will undercut me and pretty much make my farming pointless because there is a room of him and just 1 of me. are they going to be investigated and banned? or what? is there going to be a serious banhammer or are they free to do what they please?
banned for playing more than you and undercutting? LOL welcome to a free market.
Why you gotta break my heart like that alto? why!?
"Allow farming, but not those who farm more than me"? ....
Ohh come on now........
This thread makes no !@#$!@ sense dude
Capitalist swine!
we do this to countries with real crops
If you want to make money get a job. The pittance you will make from selling on the RMAH is only worth it to third world economies thats why they do it. But I suppose if you want to earn $5 for a days worth of work, more power to you.
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