People stay up all night for beta...

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I wouldn't be that upset. I'm just ready for it to come out. The anticipation is killing me.
09/15/2011 09:24 PMPosted by goodgrimes
Do you guys all know something I don't? Has there been even a single peep out of Blizzard regarding when the beta is starting other than 'soon'? Is this just a case of he-said-she-said and people are spinning out of control for no reason?

Force Strategy Gaming is largely to blame imo. A credible source who claimed the beta would be out this week.
I duno why people get so excited for this.

You have a much greater chance of NOT getting invited than you do actually getting an invite. Getting excited will just make it burn more when you most likely don't recieve an invite.

I'm not holding my breath, if I get an invite, I'd be stoked, but I'm planning with the expectation that I won't be getting invited.
If I don't get into the beta it's really no big deal. I want to play, I really do, but if I can't I know I can at least watch TotalBiscuit play and that's almost as good as the real thing.

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