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D3 looks like a lot of fun, but to be honest I mostly played D2 for the loot. There were long nights of baal runs and I probably killed more cows than America has in ten years.

Anyways I obviously want to do the same with D3, but I got a few questions.

1. With 4 times the loot around and 2times less the player cap how is D3 comparable to a full game in D2 loot wise? Obviously more loot is dropping, but has it been tweaked so it is better or worse?
3. Is MF based on the party's combined MF?
4. Are health globes considered loot? IE do they spawn for each player separately?
6. Are there monster<level x that can drop items> level x? IE the monsters in the pit could drop level 90 items even though they weren't level 90( correct me if i'm wrong)

And finally, What is Blizzard's loot philosophy? Has it changed? In D2 if you were looking for a specific Rune or Rare item you most likely weren't going to find it. Items found you.

I never once found a Griffons, an eth titans, an IK cage, or any runes above gul for that matter. Now i bet everyone in this forum found an HR when they played D2, but really are there going to be items that everyone is not meant to have? Is this part of the design philosophy that finding some items are like winning the lottery? I remember I had uber diablo spawn in my game once and I felt like I had won the lottery lol.

edit: forgot one
If one player loots a chest or bookshelf does it spawn items for all the players? Do you have to be in the area to get the loot? IE if my friends sit in town while I kill Diablo do they get drops still?
My understanding is
4) Health globes affect all party members, so it would make sense to have it visible by all.
6) In inferno all monsters will have a chance to drop unique items, but bosses will have a better chance, we will have to wait and find out i guess. :)

In my time on diablo 2
Hardcore lvl 99,97 s4
Softcore lvl 99,98 s3

i found around 10 griffons, 40ish high runes above gul(many Lo's), 6 coa's, only 1 eth titans and they were crap, 30+ stormshieilds, 100's shakos :) each time felt like i won the lottery, well except the shakos, they were like gifts i could give away to people that died on hc.

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