[PvP] - Entangling Shot Runes

Demon Hunter
9 Second Snare - 15 Hatred
2 Second Snare - 1 Hatred


I'm looking at a build where you can spam Entangling at 1 Hatred while gaining distance before unloading. Not sure what the Hatred regen per second is though.
1 Hatred for 2 seconds seems better to me as well. However, remember that the website could be displaying that incorrectly, which seems at least somewhat likely. 4 or 5 Hatred seems more likely, as it would give slightly higher uptime per Hatred, but requiring more management to maintain.
Keep in mind that both of these are based on level 7 runes, and that we have no idea about how rare they are.

Looking at the patterns and knowing there are 7 rune levels, I assume Golden runes reduce cost by 2 hatred per rune level, and crimson runes increase snare time by 1 second per rune level.

That being said, at rune level 7, I would take the Golden rune. But any rune level below 6 (if level 6s and 7s are hard to come by) I would take crimson.

I'm going to say this quite simply:

Don't get bent out of shape over PvP builds just yet. All controlling effects will be changed from PvE to PvP. You will NOT be able to snare a player for 9 seconds...

More to come on this from Blizzard as we near release.

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