D3: who will buy it first day

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I know im buying it first day just wanted to give blizz a little info on how many people are gonna buy it and how much money they gonna make on release! Lets go blizz.. RELEASE RELEASE RELEASE
Everyone in this forum will so the question is futile :)
:P im just bored hopefully this thread will make them work harder cause everyone likes making money haha
Maybe change the question to midnight release ;)
I will buy 5 million copies and give them away for free
becuz im that Awsum. cept ill keep one for myself!!
I just want to know if a super collector will released. If so, i will give 150$ to buy it ^^
Better question would be "Who will not buy Diablo 3 day 1"

I am basically just waiting for Blizzard to put it up for preorder at this point :-p
Yes, I will buy it first day, and yes, I will most likely be a "midnight release" goer.

Digital download ftw
Im pre ordering collectors edition and getting it first day. night if they do a midnight release.
Pre-order .. OR UR GAY!
The real question is, how fast will diablo 3 be sold out?

Actually, I would guess only a few will buy it on the first day; because most copies will be reserved for those who pre-ordered.

So pre-order.

I'm sure even WalMart will have some midnight lines.
/raises hand.
man everyone d exchange their firstborn to the get in the closed beta and ur asking who is gonna buy it the first day?

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