Would you Hardcore PvP?

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I want to know if any of you other D3 fans in the community would do hardcore PvP to the death! I personally, would spend time leveling up a character to a high level then duel with it on hardcore, especially if I have a lot of spare time. It sounds like fun with a little experience a nightmare if you don't know what you are doing.
I'd do it if I could exclusively get exp through PVP while in hardcore. :P
Would I Hardcore PvP?

Yeah, I'd Hardcore PvP.... I'd hardcore PvP so hard.
09/20/2011 03:34 AMPosted by Dominatrice
Yah, I would love to see the nerd rage when someone died and lost high level gems and runes that literally took months, if not years, to rank up.

What if the nerd rage was you HOHOHOH!
Hardcore pvp was my absolute favorite thing I ever did in d2 or any video game ever. So much thrill! I never dueled with max lvl chars though.... highest dueler i made was a 35. had well over 200 ears, including a level 76. ah.... good days. (and yes i lost well over a dozen duelers over the time i played.
Definitely. I hope they're strict with their death penalty. If I die in HC PvP, ONCE, I want to stay dead.

They should permit corpse looting, as well.

Anything else kinda defeats the entire purpose.
There can be only one!
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Yeah I think it would be fun.

But I would probably do it at pretty low levels. Like spend a few hours getting to level 20 and then see how long you can last in arena.

It would depend on a good MM system from blizzard. And It would be nice to see some achievements... like: Win 5 arena battles with a HC character.
Probably not, unless I got something awesome from winning.
There's also nullsec in EVE :P
Agreed, if you win the duel, you should get some or all of their loot for incentive purposes.
Why do it if there will be no PvP balance? Unless you play with the OP class, there's no point doing any serious PvP in this game.

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