Witch Doctor

- Enough + dmg%
- Leeching for hp (works along with + dmg%)
- Enough mana recovering rate per 15 sec
- 70% chance of having 4 dogs throughout the game
- AOE and single attack spell that work along with + dmg%
- Tank for WD

- Only one AOE skill with 70% chance of consistency
- Mana can or cannot be an issue, need experiment
- Cannot escape critical situations except using potions + hex
- Mass confusion 1 min CD, meaning most of the time i will only deal 90%+ dmg

any more critics , feel free to post a comment ^^
Seems ok, but what if your Sacced dogs don't resurrect? Are you going to rely on Haunt for damage? Not all targets will be hexed and Mass Confusion has a steep cooldown. What if you were fighting waves of minions? Your dogs will be sacced, making you vulnerable to quick death from the lack of crowd control (the long cooldown of mass confusion). You can do a much better build.

Oh yeah, whats the point of your puppies leeching life if you're going to sacced them anyway?
Makes sense. However, 1 min CD = 3 dogs, 70% chance of each dogs will resurrect...chances r pretty high for aoe ... but i do see your point on "what if" then i have to run around for a min with haunt lol?

why leech when im going to sac? sac vs groups > 5 mobs , leech and not sac vsing champ/bosses or < 5 mobs

I don't think we really know enough to make good builds at this time, however, I'm bored and everyone is a critic.

I like haunt with the passive mana regen. It looks like that spell will be good to spam with a 2 second duration and you shouldn't ever have any mana problems.

There should be killer burst damage: Soul harvest -> Confusion -> sacrifice -> summon zombie dogs once every 60 seconds should be very nasty.

I think switching the dogs to AOE burning might be better than the life leech. With the damage increase caused by confusion, it should be pretty painful to the mobs. You shouldn't be too worried about the zombie dog health as you're going to be sacrificing them frequently.

I'm not sure about hex. It hasn't looked very impressive in the beta and I'm not sure how well it will work with confuse. What happens if a confused enemy gets hexed? The chicken can't attack anything for you. Bosses are probably immune. I think going with gargantuon might be better and it would maximize the zombie handler passive. The 700% damage cleave rune plus the confusion bonus damage should be brutal.

I'd probably switch Sould Harvest to steal health or do damage. Rush of essence should keep your mana in reasonably good supply, and a lot of the abilities don't use mana. Pierce the veil instead of Spiritual attunement would give you another 20% damage and you'd only really notice when summoning a gargantuan.

Making the changes, I came up with

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