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Hopefully I don't get flamed here...someone just told me about "The Witcher".

Would you guys recommend I buy The witcher or the witcher 2?

which is better.
Which ever is witchyer.

EDIT: Personally I generally can't play sequels unless I've played the former games. Plus The Witcher is probably quite cheaper.
Didn't like the controls in the witcher, or the graphics
Witcher 2 - is amazing but its really half !@#..... If you notice the degradation of the effort made. The first level is extremely detailed but the further you go on it becomes much smaller and less detailed in the end its like litterly repeating the entire enviroment.
But don't get me wrong, I loved Witcher 2 its a great game, and if your a fan of RPG's its really one of the best. I just feel bad they didn't do it as well as witcher 1.

Witcher 1 is good, but it has the most...... unique combat system i have played. Its not bad, but takes some times to get used to. Its a amazing story, there isn't that much in the way of weapons and armour. Its heavily focused on story and strategy of combat. You can't just go hack n slash youll die. [Unless on easy]

Anyway if you love a great story start with witcher 1. If your more into combat and don't care about story and plot line go get witcher 2. [Not that wticher 2 doesn't have a story. But its combat system is 1000x better then in witcher 1. - but much more focused on strategy of combat. Its really amazing]
i'd play uh.. sumthin from blizzard *cough*
Witcher 1 is long. I was able to marathon it during a weekend in summer and beat it.
Witcher 2 is "short" for a reason --> multiple playthroughs to see different scenes and endings based on the choices as you play the game throughout the end.

If you care about story, start with Witcher 1. Then you'll be excited for Witcher 2 and notice a whole bunch of improvements. I find Witcher 2 to be a lot more fun.

Edit: Also a big hefty patch/DLC (for free) is coming towards the end of September I believe for the Witcher 2. Arcade mode is being added that focuses entirely on the combat portion of the game which can be very fun for you. Google it!
09/18/2011 08:56 AMPosted by Fluent

I recommend Amnesia: Dark Descent if you haven't played it yet

SC2 if your into RTS

or medieval 2 total war if your into more laid back strategy and epic battles... it's a bit dated but doesn't feel like it at all, way better than the new total war games imo, tons of mods for it too.

I have both witcher games but I don't think they are anything special honestly.
On small point, first of all I love both games and while I think The Witcher 2 is a better game, The Witcher is still fantastic and you'll get a lot more out of the game if you play both, esspecially in terms of story and character development.

The Witcher: Enhanced Director's Cut is $10 on (which btwm if you didn't know is operated by CD Projeck who developed The Witcher) which is cheaper than brick and mortar retail. They offer both games DRM also, which is nice, though both can be had from a brick and mortar retail if you want to go that route.

Seriously though, if you into mature RPGs (and you should be if you posting in the Diablo III forums) then you should give The Witcher a shot.
The Witcher 2 is amazing. I'm playing it now with surround sound. I'm about halfway through. You can get a lot of hours out of it if you play on normal or higher and do all the side quests.

However, downside is you need an absolute monster of a system to run it well.

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