So anyone betting on beta today?

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Next week
I've seen so many streams from start to the Skeleton King of each class now that I feel like I've already played the beta myself.
omg i thought it was coming out on the bad...i guess im getting it sooner than i thought....SWEET
I'm betting on beta 13 days ago, myself.
Blizzard doesn't even know.

I imagine all the D3 shot-callers get on a conf call every morning/afternoon and review the status of the server hardware and software, go over any outstanding bugs, review the server pop and look at how many F&F they can still call in, only then a decision is made as to whether opening the floodgates to a closed full beta makes sense.
im thinking we need to see another patch befor anything happens.....i wander how thats comming along ?
Would be nice since I've been up for 8 hours and have to be up for another 12. Sitting around waiting for the times to go play taxi(none of my housemates bloody drive), I'd love to see some new streams or maybe even get in myself.

But then again I don't have high hopes of that, it will come out when it comes out.
09/19/2011 10:47 AMPosted by Sabacca
No way. Tuesdays are the highest percent that they will launch. Its either tomorrow, or next Tuesday.

No beta this month

because F&F is still going out
might not need another patch but there could be. even if it does come out on Tuesday. only under 5% of us will get in. Its not like sc2 where you can just go to gamestop and pay 5 bucks to reserve it and get the cd key.
Who knows.
You people need to stop speculating about things we have no information about. None of the currently known facts point to a beta today, nor do they point to the beta NOT starting today. This speculation is as baseless as neanderthals discussing the merits of capitalist economics. Stop clogging the forum up with worthless threads that are baseless. Stop pretending you have any idea when the beta will happen, and stop trying to pretend you have facts that you don't.
also they are pushing back the d2 ladder reset...and you would thing it would be neat to have a ladder reset with the closed beta....i kinda wish they would reset it now least that give us something to do lol
09/19/2011 10:43 AMPosted by Sork
well, anyone?

im putting my money on tomorrow.
No beta this month

because F&F is still going out

Just because some of the F&F aren't in yet doesn't mean they won't switch to the Closed invite. Just means those that didn't get in the first few waves would get in at the beginning of the CB.

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