Rapid Fire w/ Shadow Pwr

Demon Hunter
I think everyone is missing the point, and why is everyone comparing this to impale?
not everyone is going to use impale just because the numbers are high.

I was originally pointing out that Rapid fire, with web shot, and the right passives, can be viable regardless of it's 30% damage, especially if rapid fire's damage is augmented by your bow's attack speed, which we need clarification on.

Then, add in shadow power for even more attack speed, for no increase in hatred.

take it or leave it.
I can see the synergy between Web Shot and Cull the Weak.

Personally I'd choose Fire Support + Ballistic, and Shadow Power with Well of Darkness. Since a rapid fire build shouldn't be too Hatred hungry, I don't see the point of putting Night Bane. With Well of Darkness you should have Shadow Power up most of the time.

In case of running out of Hatred you can choose Fundamental and Mark of Death with Mortal Enemy, that can 100% gurantee that you will not run out of Hatred.
09/21/2011 06:29 AMPosted by iwbs
Personally I'd choose Fire Support + Ballistic

again, we need clarification, fire support fires 'homing missiles' and ballistics enhances 'rockets'

check out the wording in strafe obsidian and sentry obsidian, 'homing rockets'

although rapid fire doing 880% @ 20 hatred/second with Only ballistics factored in, would be sweet.
If you insist on counting regen from shadow power and companion as factoring into the net cost of Rapid Fire, then there are several options other than rapid Fire which provide more damage and the same cost.


Uses Cluster Arrow with Bombardier, Grenadier. 560% wep damage from Cluster + indigo alone, to up to 9 targets per cast. 20 hatred per cast. This doesn't include Archery or M4D. Can likely fire at least once per sec.

The big problem with your build is you assume a lot more disc income than you will likely receive. 55% chance to not cause CD on prep brings yer avg CD to 60 secs which isn't enough to sustain Shadow Power.

I much prefer to use golden Shadow Power to sustain it 10 out of 13 secs and use Fundamentals to regen hatred as needed.
I give up.. enjoy your cluster arrow build spending 1.5x hatred during shadow power

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