A bit of info for the beta hopefuls.

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I wanted to provide a bit of insight for those of you who are feverishly refreshing your B.net accounts and e-mail inboxes. Just a few hours ago, I was in a very similar position, and I know the lack of clarity can be frustrating.

Anyway, the first and probably most important point is that your e-mail is usually the least reliable source of information in regards to your acceptance. I've been active in the beta for 4 hours, and I still haven't received any sort of invitation e-mail from Blizzard. This is consistent with my experience in previous Blizzard beta's, including SC2 and Cata - the e-mails tend to arrive well after your account is flagged for access.

So far as I can tell, the best way to determine if your account has been added to the D3 closed beta is to log out of your B.net account, log back in, and then check the "Accounts" page where you'd normally download game clients. The D3 beta does NOT appear on the page that displays the box art for various Blizzard games.

Secondly, I wanted to point out that when I navigate to the "Public Game" browser in the beta, it's only listing 3-4 people as available for the very first quest in the game, "The Fallen Star." I created my own public game, and was matched with one player after about 1-2 minutes.

Now, I'm not sure I'm interpreting this correctly, but I would expect this number to be much higher if a large influx of players were recently added to the game. Though this is purely speculation on my part, I'm lead to believe that either the first wave of closed beta participants is very small, or perhaps not all the chosen accounts have been flagged yet.

Also, I'll note that I was likely added to the beta along with the rest of the "media", so my presence doesn't really indicate whether or not the general public has been added.

Anyway, I hope this helps settle some of your concerns. Let me know if you have any questions - if I can answer them, I will.
Thanks J_Q, and have fun in there. Hope to see you soon.
Thanks for the info! Please let us know when more people are available to play with!
I have one question, how does it feel to play diablo 3?
Thank you for the info! Hope to see you in the game soon!!
09/20/2011 03:18 PMPosted by Tscell
I have one question, how does it feel to play diablo 3?

Pretty great! I downed the Skeleton King on my Monk a little while ago, and have since been tinkering with the other classes. I'm waiting on a buddy of mine to get home from work so we can start fresh together, so I thought I'd take a moment try to quell some of this fine forum's fury.
Thanks JQ, its nice to have someone in the beta actually come on here and give us some insight and clear up some things, rather than just posting poorly disguised bragging posts over your beta avatar.
Update: I just now received my beta invite e-mail. So that's ~ 4 hours after I was flagged for access.
well thank you JQ that helps my mind just for a little while
Thanks for the update J_Q, hope to see you soon.
09/20/2011 03:22 PMPosted by J_Q
Update: I just now received my beta invite e-mail. So that's ~ 4 hours after I was flagged for access.

To reiterate this, I got into the sc2 beta in wave 2, and I think I got my email the next day.

So yeah, refresh your account page, not your email.
Thanks for taking the time to post this! It's much appreciated.

Except... it sounds like you got in via F&F or Press/Media invite.

Quote from J_Q in other thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3196022967?page=5#86
So - let me offer a bit of clarity here.

I'm not media, but I wasn't randomly selected either. The story concerning my beta key acquisition is actually kind of strange.

Basically, I wrote a blog article about the "20 things I'd do for a Starcraft 2 Beta Key" back before the SC2 closed beta launched. A Blizzard rep happened upon the post, and dared me to follow through with a few of my claims.

I complied, provided photographic evidence, and was subsequently granted access to the SC2 beta when it launched.

About a week ago, I contacted that same individual at Blizzard and asked if my previous exploits were sufficient to earn me D3 beta access as well. They replied to the affirmative, and here I am.

So, in closing - I am not certain whether or not the closed beta has begun. All I know is that my account was flagged for access to the beta, and I am now able to log in and play.
Great new.... bad news is... Blizzard doesnt like me and they didnt pick me for Beta :(
they need to make it a sticky, the only sensible post so far.
Thx J_Q
May many demons fall before you, and your friend once they get home, kind soul.
it is highly likely that they haven't yet completed the first wave, since the point of this phase of beta is to Test server stability.
Curious, but what are your PC specs?
09/20/2011 04:09 PMPosted by ELPRESIDENTE
Curious, but what are your PC specs?


I am curious as well. Thanks in advance.

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