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My computer is way outdated and fairly lags playing Starcraft II with low graphics. So it's time to invest into a new computer.
What would I need to be looking for in a computer? I do not want a laptop for gaming, I prefer Desktop.

What specs should I be looking for in a computer?
I want to atleast play Starcraft II at "Ultra" graphics, hopefully same with Diablo III.

New CPU, updated graphics card and power source, enough RAM and a decent amount of disk space. Desktop is the wise choice.
It's kind of like asking... "How much for a new car?"

Well, hrm, how much do you want to spend?
$1500 Tops.


Have fun.
If you've got $1500 then you could get a better case and bigger PSU and crossfire another 6870, I would go with this PSU.
You could get a soundcard. I have an ASUS one with dolby headphone and it rocks. Don't get the ones with DTS or THX software with them, go for Dolby.

Oh, do you need a monitor or keyboard?
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$1500 Tops.

Anything you purchase in that price range will be more than enough.

I just bought a computer with ibuypower and it's pretty beastly.
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You could get this.... But why settle for the bare minimum when you can have the best economical build?

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