2 major design questions from beta

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why would you need to swap a bunch of times anyways?

every class can be set up to include great single target/aoe damage in the same build with room for support too

whatever tiny ounce of benefit you can min/max by using multiple builds is completely wasted by the all the time you spend swapping

The problem with a mere field swap cast time / cool down is that it does exactly what you guys said you didn't want to do: interrupt the flow of combat.

A cast time wouldn't interrupt the flow of combat since you're not going to be in combat. The idea is to be changing skills between fights; whether you're in the field or back at town--times where you're already not fighting. That's the whole point. If you are in combat, then yes, it'll interrupt the flow because it's supposed to.

It would do this because of a few facts: Generally it's more effective to kill bosses / mini bosses with single target attacks, as opposed to AOE attacks. Also, Generally, mobs of monsters die more quickly to AoE attacks than they do to single targets. Sure there will be abberations in both sections, but that doesn't change the point. The point is that in every situation there will be an "optimum" skill set. One that focuses on something necessary for the encounter: mobility, single target damage, aoe, etc.

So, essentially for the game to have any challenge, if in field skill swaps are allowed, then you will be forcing players to switch to the "optimum" build before every zone change / boss encounter.

Just how many of these skills do you need? Are there really six or more single-target skills that you just need for any given encounter? You're not going to need every single single-target skill in the whole game at your fingertips in order to fight optimally. Put one or two of your favorite single-target skills, one or two of your favorite AoE skills, and a couple of skills for whatever else you want on your bar, and be prepared for anything in your own unique way. If a certain boss or group is giving you trouble, then run away or resurrect in town, take a few seconds to "cast" a skill-swap to get that one other skill that would be great for that situation, and try again.

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