Shadow Beasts

Demon Hunter
What I can’t wrap my head around is what happens when you apply any type of runestone to "Rain of Vengeance". If you would rather not look it up, I kid you not, you go from shooting a bunch of arrows into the air, to summoning "Shadow Beasts".

No explanation is given, you don’t see some Shadow Beasts and then shoot them with arrows, you don’t open a portal and shoot things that come out, there is no more shooting to be done. You simply runestone an arrow-based AOE ability and all of a sudden you are a summoner with control over "Shadow Beasts".

The only exception is the Indigo Rune, which apparently managed to remember what it was runing and on what class, because it just appears to be a straight upgrade to the original skill; you rain down arrows longer and they do more damage.

I should go double check the Witch Doctor to make sure you can’t rune his skills to drop arrows from the sky, except for Indigo, which would, of course, summon a shadow beast.
From the demon hunter class page:

"In order to better their chances against the forces of the Burning Hells, demon hunters embrace apocryphal magics. They can cloak themselves in darkness, confound others’ attacks, and slip between shadows to sneak up on their prey"

Though it doesn't specifically say they are summoners here, I feel it does fit in with the other abilities the demon hunter has.
Mitchelld, I think you're missing the idea that Runestones are not meant to only improve your skills. In many cases, they are meant to fundamentally changed the function of said skill, which is exactly what these runes do.

And Witch Doctors have nothing to do with Shadow Beasts. Witch Doctors summon zombies and vermin, not demons. Hush.
It seems to me that there is a thinner line between zombies and whatever in the world a shadow beast is.
I also wouldn't mind as much if these runestones modified Shadow Power or something, like she was drawing on shadow energy and attracted some shadow beasts, sure I could buy that.

I just can't think of a runestone effect as far removed from the original ability as: one minute you are drawing a string back and shooting arrows to suddenly you command the loyalty of shadow creatures; dive bombing, bomb and grenade dropping, bum rushing shadow beasts(who gave these beasts bombs and grenades? that seems irresponsible!)...or you know, just shooting more arrows for longer and doing more damage with them...
I posted in another thread that this comic might be the connection:
I thought the exact same thing when I was making hunter builds Mitch. Like, is there any way to make this rain of arrows know...rain arrows? choice for
I think this is one skill we must see in game to appreciate,
it does huge AOE damage for no cost but a 60 second cooldown, cant wait!
Simple Solution: Make the base ability cause shadow beasts to rain down arrows on the target area. Might need some updated art (that team's mostly done now, right?) but it shouldn't be too hard! Please, Blizzard?

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