DH High Crit Dmg

Demon Hunter

This build counts on high crit for massive single target damage from Impale. Strafe for massive multi target damage. Evasive fire with obsidian rune for good AOE damage. Marked for Death with Gold rune for increased hatred regen. Multi shot with alabaster for discipline regen. Pretty basic and hopfuly effective build.
Mm, I like it (specially because I didn't notice/forgot about the nice strafe rune there :3). I was also thinking about making a high CS Demon Hunter :3.

One thing you might want to look into is Multi Shot and MoD (maybe). Multi shot with that rune does not seem too necessary because you do not have a lot of disc skills. You might want to change it to companion or shadow power and rune them with the Hatred regens.

With the 4 skills you have now, you seem to be really hatred heavy, and it might be hard to keep up with it. Fundamentals might keep up with it, but if you make this build in the future, try to do both to see how it works :3

MoD may/may not need to be rune changed. You might want to leave it as is (cause the hatred regain is nice) or change it to the Indigo rune, so you do not have to cast it every second.

Just some thoughts though.

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