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Yea! People who like competition should be put to death because they are deplorable human beings.

I mean I hate to break it to some of you, but 99% of us who enjoy competition are not monsters. When I lose in Starcraft 2, I don't freak out and curse at my opponent. I say GG and move on to the next game. In fact only a small, but vocal number of people react poorly when they lose.

I still care about winning and try hard, but I don't take it out on people when I fail.

Ohh. Forgot /sarcasm I guess.
When I hear people say Diablo was never a PvP game, I really struggle to understand what the point of obtaining the best gear in the game was for...?

Ohh. Forgot /sarcasm I guess.

No no, I was agreeing with you! I got the whole sarcasm thing. I often quote people to reinforce the point they made because I agree with them. :)

It's called marketing. They know all the LOL I KILL BIG DRAGONS SO I CAN PVP BETTER kids will get excited....

and they have said they won't support an e-sport already...

This is not OUR game to say what we want and to redesign. It's Blizzard's. They put into it what they want to put into it, and hope we enjoy it. You can play it, or go play something else. It's that simple. You can't MAKE them make the game the way YOU want it.

I'm sure you guys would love to have a game with LOTS of PVP and LOTS of PVE and LOT of FPS and LOTS of mmo and LOTS of superweapons and LOTS of races all for no fees.

...go design it yourself.


Watch Jay Wilson talk about PvP angry kid rofl

Woah brother, watch out with the links that make losers money.

Woah brother, watch out with the links that make losers money.

Woah brother, watch out with the links that make losers money.

How much money can they actually make making youtube vids?

My friend makes over a thousand a month and he doesn't get nearly the hits they do. It is absolutely absurd the amount they make for doing so little. Why do you think they advertise their videos so often?
I've edited the first post to better explain the thread's stand on PvP.


Keep that discussion in one of the other 20 threads made on the subject. In here, you share with others what kind of player against player game types you would like to see added to Diablo 3. If you can't do that without getting a little too passionate, then please refrain from posting.

That said! I also thought a Strand of the Ancients (wow battleground) type of game would be a lot of fun in Diablo. I wish my repertoire of pvp games was a little more varied to look for ideas. The last pvp game I've played extensively was mario kart, and no matter how brutal it can get, it's just ... not fitting for Diablo. )=
Many people have mentioned a DotA style of game, which turns a lot of people off because of the slow pace of the game and all of the grinding involved. What about a faster-paced DotA? Monday Night Combat for example has the same general idea, but games go much, much faster and are also a lot more about fighting enemy players and a lot less about farming the creeps.
Won't be an e-sport anytime soon due to its loot system. Its not anything like WoW where there is are specific pieces for each class for PvP, and you WILL get them(it doesn't come down to chance or money).

That guy running around with full lvl60 inferno gear he bought off the RMAH is going to slaughter everyone else.

Edit - On the whole dota thing, it could work; LoL/HoN/DotA are very steep learning curve games, to be competitive you really have to know what every hero/item can do, otherwise you're left behind wondering why you died and people have the shortest tempers in online gaming. Whilst with only 5 classes in D3 it'd be simple. Though I speculate that dota was put under gametypes dude to SC2 dota will be using character/skins from all their games (WC/SC/Diablo).
I like the OP's ideas, I like the idea of 3v3 and 5v5 arena. I don't want the PvP to be like HoN or LoL, that would ruin it for me. My ideas include a FFA arena with 10 players or more or some PvE race as the OP suggested. For example maybe a boss race between two or more teams, and those bosses could be specific to the mode.

Edit: I don't want PvP like HoN or LoL because it is to slow for my liking I like my PvP fast paced and tactically orientated.
I'll start adding to the first post the suggestions that come up more often than others, so don't be afraid to post an idea that's already been said by someone else! Keep the ideas going!
bump for more ideas!

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