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Of course, for our convenience everyone speaks "english" when we all know in settomg that would not be the case. Now, I doubt Blizzard has Tolkein like linguists at their disposal the very least:

1. What languages are spoken in Sanctuary?
2. What are there origins?
3. Do Demons and Angels have their own languages?
4. Did humans learn to speak from them back at their genesis?
Not if you buy the Korean version...
1. What languages are spoken in Sanctuary? There some unknown (barbarian?) runes and the Umbaru having their own their evident language "Khazra" (Goat-men) which translate into "demon" or devil."

But who knows how much Blizzard will elaborate on this aspect, but they do "maintain a real-world dictionary of Khalani (Protoss/Nerazim language). This also ensures that protoss names meet their specifications." (C&P from the SC wikia) So Blizz' might have some library of demonic and heavenly lore. ;P

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3. Do Demons and Angels have their own languages?
I'm sure in some of Knaak's books some of the characters have uttered some spells in a demonic tongue. Angles have't been noted to speak in their own respective language as far I know... aside maybe Tyrael's intangible murmuring in "Destruction's End".
exactly this. Every race/alien/sentience speaks the same language. Furthermore they change the language everyone speaks based on which country the game is sold.

They speak english in sanctuary in america, french in france and korean in korea etc.

Well duh. But the point I made is its comparable to movies or tv shows where the aliens and the humans all seemingly speak the same language purely for the convenience of the viewers who are watching, wherever the show is aired or what language the film is dubbed in. I meant IN setting, I want to know whats going on IN setting.

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