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its down? went to page page and says well be back up soon.

EDIT: 7:51 PM EST: Back up... False alarm crash... -_-
Sign of beta?
Can´t login on my account.
Too many ppl spamming f5. It's like a DDOS attack.
sign of invites?
SIGN OF BETA.... invites ?
So, F5>!
Sign of apocalypse?
Heh, not surprised. Everyone is hitting refesh looking for beta invites right now. That and given the time, most people are going to be getting home from work around now so I'm not surprised there would be a load spike.
09/20/2011 04:39 PMPosted by Ilsa
Too many ppl spamming f5. It's like a DDOS attack.

i bet their releasing invites...
It´s a stress test isn´t it what beta is all about?
mine is fine.
I would guess the end is nigh diablo is returning or people are spamming f5.
Sign of Beta Testing done well.

Good job everyone :)
this isnt because of F5... their definetly doing something...

also it says

We’ll be back soon!
The Blizzard family of websites is temporarily unavailable. Thank you for your patience!

For updates, follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter.

exact words
It logged me out of account page!
This could be something or maybe it's nothing. Either way, I have the butterflies in my tummy!

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