Who got in? (no bs please)

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Be nice to know who on the forums got in.
not i :(
Not I as well : (
If only a miracle would happen and somehow I was bestowed with an email inviting me to the Diablo III beta : O
press lol havent seen a single user on this forum
Blue post pls! we dont understand!
not I says highlen
I didnt get in either.. did they invite 5 people or something?
omfg invites definetly have not gone out yet... their would definetly be a post by at least one person because theirs obviously going to be over 500 people in first wave... 10 or 20 of them are going to post no doubt >.>
09/20/2011 05:02 PMPosted by Undisputed
Are there still invites gong out?

we have yet to see anyone get in at all... so i dont think ANY have gone out (outside media / fan sites)

I sincerely hope that's the case..
09/20/2011 05:01 PMPosted by Cheesy
press lol havent seen a single user on this forum

That's cause everyone's been making posts along the lines of "I JUST GOT IN!" and then in the message body they say "to __________ " (non-blizzard game).

Blizzard sighed at us.
Being optimistic, I too doubt that invites have gone out yet.
Oh...i was gonna bs you but you put (no bs please) so I won't.
not i :(
Here is to hoping that forum participation increases your chances!!
Not i :(
No one in this thread has even attempted to lie about getting the beta. I hate to assume cause you know what they say about assuming, but I think it's safe to say that no one in the general public minus F&F and Press have gotten beta access.

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